19 August 2013

You are a WINNER!

Congratulations to the two random winners of my brand new Story Beads
'YOU are a child of GOD and with credentials like that you can DO ANYTHING'

Beth of EB Bead and Metal Works who said she would like to do this noble dream:

"I would love to do something more for our military veterans. I especially want to do something at my university for them - I would love to have a Veterans Culture Center as a place to gather for events or have the ROTC students to come over and meet with veterans and hear their stories. A place to collect all the stories of our veterans who are alums and share them with the next generation."

I think you absolutely should pursue that! I think that there needs to be more of connecting our youth to the sacrifices and selflessness that our military veterans embody. 

Dana of Wind Dancer Studios who has a beautiful vision involving children:

"Once upon a time I taught fourth grade art through the arts council. I taught all three of my children and all of their friends. My daughters dream is to open a store where she can also share her love of art with the local children. If I could do anything it would be to help her realize her dream, to share her passion with the kids."

We absolutely need to connect with kids and make it clear that they are creators and problem solvers and art does that wonderfully! I hope you can find a way to make that a reality.

Please email me ASAP with your color choice and metal (silver or copper) and shipping address and I will send this right out to you. I am ready to paint it just for you!

If you didn't win you have a second chance. I am also giving away one more on the Art Bead Scene blog and you can add your comment there. One winner will be chosen at random by the next editor and revealed on the Studio Saturday post on August 24th.

Remember... the three winners of the Story Bead and I will be having a little blog hop on Friday, September 20th to reveal how this message and bead inspires us! Hope you will come back to see what we do! Watch for this bead to pop up in the Etsy store this week.


WindDancerStudios said...

Thank you Erin!
I'm so excited, I think I'll get Paige involved in the design for this one! It just feels right she should have a say!

Thank you again!!

Jean said...

I love Dana so much I am busting with happiness for her!
xox jean


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