16 November 2012

Nunn Design Innovation Team: Call for 2013

I can recall vividly the moment that I found the Nunn Design Innovation Team call last year. It was about this time of year, it was very late at night, and I was feeling like I needed some direction. Or at least some challenge. And there it was. 

We are seeking artists who love to push the envelope. Are you an innovator? A trendsetter? Do you work in varied mediums (paper, resin, polymer, epoxy, metals, fiber, and more)? If you’re a creative powerhouse who wants to work on the inside of innovation, an artisan of any medium —we want to know about you.

I remember answering those questions... yes.... yes.... yes. From there it was an easy step to click the application button and fill it out. 

{This ring design is my favorite and I am making loads of these for Christmas!}
I recall meeting Becky Nunn for the first time at the 2009 Bead & Button show. It might have been one of the first times that they were displaying there. I was smitten with the bezels in their Patera line and the way it was combined with these waterslide transfers and filled with a fast setting Gel du Soleil resin. I was hooked! As I am wont to do, I immediately bought all that I could get my hands on from them. From there it was easy to set up my wholesale account and start buying in bulk. 

What I love about the components from Nunn Designs are the quality of them. I was never one to use precious metals in my work, so it never bothered me when the price of sterling rose through the roof. I love to mix metals and I love to find innovative ways to use materials that are presented to me.

Imagine my surprise when Becky called me the next day after receiving my application. She was happy that I had applied, and I was stunned that not only did she know who I was, but she would actually call me herself! Since this was the first time that she was doing a design team, she was very interested in my prior experience working on teams from small artisan bead maker teams to larger more corporate entities. I was impressed that she would ask for my opinion. I remember leaving the conversation filled with a great deal of respect of Miss Becky and her company.

The designers that were chosen for the 2012 Nunn Design Innovation Team are quite an incredible group. Please be sure to go and check them out!

I feel very honored to have had a place at the table with them. They have really pushed the creative limits and shown me some marvelous ideas for using the products. I love what they have done with mixed metals and especially mixed media. There is an elegance and a playfulness in all that has been created from the team this year.

{Aren't these shield shapes awesome? I am thinking up ways to incorporate these into my Simple Truths for the spring.}

I met Miss Stephanie and Miss Rochelle at the Bead & Button Show this year while having dinner with Miss Becky and her friend and fellow designer Miss Donna Musarra. It was such a treat and a real highlight of my time there. Actually, it was a hoot! There was a lot of laughter at that table. At that time we were introduced to the new fall line of shield shaped bezels, religious medallions and various chains including my new favorite the rhinestone cup chain. The next day I even bumped into Miss Stephanie again at my new favorite gemstone vendor's booth and it seems that we share a love of sparkly rough faceted stones!

{Glitter filled glass tube pendant with waterslide decals of mermaids on the outside covered in a thin layer of resin, like a water globe. I had to really experiment with this one and I am so happy with the way it turned out!}
Over the course of the year, I received several boxes of treasures from Nunn Design. Each new thing has sparked new ideas and Becky gave me the push to try new-to-me techniques. I played around with polymer clay stained with inks and layered with decals. I stamped the metal blanks and mixed my metals. I experienced the versatility of Crystal Clay and new ways with resin. In short, it was a great experience.
{Crystal Clay embedded in a channel tube bead, set with a piece of filigree and dusted with micro glitter. See the tutorial here.}
With each new release, we’ll send you a Goody Box of secret treasures ready for you to play and experiment with. Then you’ll send us a minimum of two finished pieces of jewelry made from these secret treasures. With your pieces, you’ll include detailed, written instructions on how each was created (including a list of any tools and supplies that were used). And you’ll promote Nunn Design through your preferred social media pathways.

When I first started my Simple Truths line of polymer clay pendants, I started with the Nunn Patera findings, and still use them for some of my designs. They are such a nice quality plating and I appreciate the very unique shapes. I specifically appreciate the double sided ones. They were the start of all my Simple Truths messages.

My favorites are the toggle clasps,

the tiny squares and circles,

and the large tube bead channels.

They were the foundation for my success at the start of my own line of pendants and they still form a strong supporting role in my Simple Truths line.
I love the quality and heft of the chain, particularly the textured oval link chain. Having open links in a chain is very important to me so I don't waste the chain with cuts. I also love the new rhinestone chain in various sizes and metals. Copper has always been a signature color for me, and I love that it comes in this finish.

I use a lot of the Nunn branch connectors in my work. I like the way they add a subtle texture. Little leafy toggles and connectors, as well as the array of cute bead caps is always a nice staple to have at my disposal since I tend to do a lot of things that are nature-inspired.

So.....what are you doing for 2013? Are you looking to challenge yourself, push your creative boundaries and try new things? What are you waiting for? 

Become a part of the inner circle.
Become an architect of innovation.
Become a source of inspiration.
The Nunn Design Innovation Team
Innovate. Create. Inspire.

If you are ready to play a part in the Nunn Design Innovation Team for 2013, click here for more details.

Today I am honored to be featured on the Nunn Design blog.
Such nice things that Miss Becky has to say about me, I am most certainly blushing! ;-)

Thank you to Miss Becky, the whole Nunn Design crew, and especially my fellow Nunn Design Innovation Team members for inspiring me in 2012. I am truly honored to collaborate and support all of you and I look forward to the innovation that the 2013 team will bring.


AntiquityTravelers said...

wonderful post! and an amazing journey for you. you've created some uniquely beautiful pieces and style your own.

cw whitedogjewelry said...

Congratulations! Well deserved acknowledgement from Nunn Designs. You are an amazing artist and I love to read your written words of wisdom. Wishing you continued success, enjoy the ride you are on currently, and have a happy holiday season.

Becky Pancake said...

Great post. Your jewelry is unique. If you like copper I have a suggestion. Magnetic copper wire. It is what they use inside of electric motors. It has a coating of varnish on the outside so that the wires don't short out when touching. The color is deeper & richer than regular copper and I believe that the coating will keep the copper from turning green. I love working with it and find that it gives my pieces lots of character.

Anonymous said...

Erin, I love the fact that you are always sharing in your success with others. How thrilling to be on that Nunn Design Team! How exciting to get new toys in the mail! I've passed this along to a good friend of mine who works in all types of media, Trish Jeffers Zeh. She's a metal clay master but does everything! She would make a great asset to that team! She is another person who inspires me and encourages me to push past my limits. When I grow up, I want to be just like you and Trish.

KayzKreationz said...

I love this post and what you've done. I'd like to try this, but not sure I have enough knowledge/skill or the time.

Shel said...

Such a wonderful post Erin. You're an inspiration to so many and the way you share your success with others is lovely. Congrats on your accomplishments with the Nunn Design Team - Your jewelry is always gorgeous! I've passed this information on to a few artists who might be up for the challenge.

Tracy Statler said...

Erin, your pieces are always wonderful and you are a perfect fit for Nunn Design's beautiful components. You are an true innovator and you always inspire me every time I look at your work. : )

Have a great Thanksgiving week! I'm headed to WI (East Troy) to see my family. We have not had a Thanksgiving in WI all together for years!


Lori Anderson said...

I have had some water slide decals for years now from Art Chix (I think?) and have YET to use them. I'm pretty impressed you got one to work INSIDE something!


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