28 August 2012

Autumn Tapestry... and my Virtual Home

Sneak Peek!
Today is my day to share over at Earrings Everyday. Come on over and see an outfit inspired by my Autumn Tapestry earrings  (above) for sale in my webstore.

I have decided that I only going to be selling the simple truths or possibly items made from the simple truths on my Etsy site. All other jewelry sales will be handled through my new website at www.tesoritrovati.com. You can also see my blog posts, view galleries of my work, read testimonials from {more than} satisfied customers, and coming soon will be my Artist Statement and links to publications and press as well as linking to my Etsy storefront. I needed that one-stop for all things Tesori Trovati, and I think that I have found it through my new IndieMade website. It is a work in progress but I like the clean look of it, and hopefully someday soon I will be able to have a spiffy banner created rather than just the temporary one that I whipped up. But it feels good to have a home that I can direct people to, and my virtual home is always open to you, gentle reader!

And look! On my Etsy front page, 'Items Matching Your Taste', I spotted my very own Story Beads! Sometimes my taste test has yielded the strangest things. This is the first thing I have ever found on that feature that actually IS my taste! ;-) That is not true...lately I have actually found some of my favorite bead makers showing up. Maybe Etsy really is paying attention to my tastes.

Of course, that would also mean that I am into olive colored felted slippers, a printed hobo slouch purse that looks exactly like the pattern on the couch in our family room when I was 6 and blue pressed glass. (Not! ;-)

What is matching your Etsy tastes today? Or what is the wackiest item you have ever had on your Etsy taste wall?


Alice said...

It looks like you are getting it all togehter in terms of your website and etsy. How exciting that will be when its finished!

By the way, Mr. Motley Owl showed up in my mailbox yesterday and I was so excited I was ripping open the mailer while I was driving. I just love this little guy, and his mischevous look is very fitting for my daughter, who is somewhat of an imp herself. I'm going back for more today......

Thanks so much!

Copper Diem said...

Great earrings! Love those sari pendants, too. Did u get my email re blog recommendations? I had more than 1 email addy for u.

Anne said...

Have just found your lovely blog and am now following! So nice to meet you!

Elaine said...

I've deliberately never taken the taste test on this computer so I don't see the taste scroller thing.... Bad Elaine!

I have gone looking for wacky items to buy and also to blog about though. So there's been a good share - I bought a cheesemaking kit (really) on Etsy recently for example.

Zeniswoman said...

I love the Autumn Tapestry earrings! Autumn is also my favorite time of the year. I love tweed and turtlenecks and the comforting swish of corduroy:) So, I too get some strange selections on my front page recommendations; however, one of today's suggestions really cracked me up. Apparently, I would be interested in purchasing a black lace blindfold eye mask with crystals... "lingerie for your eyes." Sure, I am an old punk with many ticket stubs from Bauhaus and Echo and the Bunnymen concerts, but all I have to say is: "Oh, good grief!" :)

Katrine - make it and fake it said...

I love Etsy!! I will definity check out your store!! :)

love K


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