09 August 2012

Around the World...Oceania

Fourth stop: Oceania

Oceania is that big ole blue area on the map. The one that is mostly liquid. And all the island nations that dot it. There are atolls and coral reefs and volcanic islands. The areas of this vast region are called Micronesia, Melenesia and Polynesia. From the huge country of Australia at nearly 8 million km to the tiny Wake Islands at just 2 km, the region of Oceania may be very far flung, but still boasts 35 million people.

Blame it on movies of my youth like The Swiss Family Robinson and more recent additions like Castaway and the Pirates franchise, but there is something intriguing about island living. The fact is that you would need to rely solely on yourself and be self-sufficient in these places. Yes, they might look tropical and balmy, but that is deceiving. Still, I wouldn't mind being marooned on an island from time to time. Provided I could have electricity and cell service. And a butler who brings me drinks with little umbrellas in them ;-)

There are two places that I would like to travel in Oceania: Tahiti and Fiji Islands. 


French Polynesia, home of the island group Tahiti, is comprised of 120 different islands. This lush paradise is what I think of when I hear the word 'tropical'. There is a reason why the islands are a haven for honeymooners. Who wouldn't want to start out their life in paradise?

Known as 'The Pearl of the Pacific' I can totally tell what Captain Cook meant. This spot is a true jewel in the world! From the volcano that commands it to the crystal clear water, the sandy beaches and the swaying palm trees, it is a wonder that you can get anyone to leave once they come there.

{That is a little slice of heaven, right there.}
I love the idea of an island vacation so much. Particularly if I can stay ON TOP of the water in a hut such as these. Can you imagine the feeling of ease from staying in such a place? The fact that you could just step off your front porch into the clear blue waters is amazing to me. There are glass floors so you can view the water underfoot and you can even have your breakfast delivered by canoe!

I have never gone snorkeling or scuba diving, but I think that of all the places in the world to do it, Tahiti would be the place. Hidden among the rocks and crags of the coral reef are some amazing creatures like this tubastrea sea anemone. What a sight to see!


Fiji Islands

Just so you  know... I don't do camping. 'Roughing it' would be the Holiday Inn Express. If I am going to travel, I want to have accommodations that are elegant, relaxing, luxurious and quiet. That does come at a cost, but since I don't travel often, and never this exotic, I figure that it is worth it.

While I was seeking out inspiration, I knew that the Fiji Islands would be on my must-see list. Perhaps it could be any tropical destination, but there is something very exotic about travel to an island. That whole Robinson Crusoe sort of vibe.

I discovered that there is a brand new resort in Fiji created by L. Bruce Jones called Poseidon Undersea Resort. This spectacular hotel features 24 luxury suites and assorted 5-star restaurants and common areas that are underwater. Forty feet underwater. They also have some topside rooms on a private beach, but really this would be a once in a lifetime chance. They lower you by an elevator and it is fully pressurized so you don't have to worry. The suites jut into the reef and are somehow shielded so only you can see the fish, no one else can see you. You can stay in these suites for $30,000 per couple per week. Gah! A steal (if you are Paris Hilton)! But what a view! This gives a whole new meaning to "sleeping with the fishes" when you can look out your acrylic bubble at the coral reef and even press a button to feed the fish from your pod.

{Poseidon Undersea Resort}

But really I think that the view on an island is so amazing. The way the light plays off the water and the tropical breezes billowing your hair, it would be a spectacular way to spend some time.

{Fiji Sunset - photo by Mark Casslett}

I think that I could get used to sand between my toes, wearing a sarong, warm breezes and tropical flora.Oh, and drinks with little umbrellas in them ;-)

So there you have it. Two places in Oceania that capture my fancy.


Next stop: Americas

Your turn...
What images do you associate with Oceania? What countries would you long to see on this tropical region?


Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

I grew up on Guam and as a child vacationed in Saipan, Rota, and Palau so this area is close to my heart. I learned to swim in the Pacific. Lovely palettes, Erin.

Kristen said...

Yes Yes Yes Yes! How beautiful!

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Oh goodness, Tahiti does look beautiful and relaxing! My husband and I have been trying to decide between Tahiti, New Zealand and Paris for our upcoming vacation. After reading this post, I think Tahiti has just moved to the top of my list!

I remember my husband telling me about the Poseidon Undersea Resort when they first started building it. I'll have to send him the link. While it looks awesome, I don't know if I could mentally accept sleeping 40 feet underwater!

Love the color palettes!

A Half-Baked Notion said...

While I'm in agreement with Kathleen about my ability to sleep underwater, that amazing Poseidon colour palette might just sway me... if I win a lottery, that is! And that ocean in the first Tahiti pic looks like something from another planet... so beautiful and surreal.

Alice said...

Beautiful photos! And to have a room underwater would be fabulous! In my head I always think an island getaway would be fantastic, until I remember I'm not that fond of water, and my very pale skin can't take much sun. But maybe a day or two would be just the thing. Like you, my idea of a vacation is to have a maid make the beds, bring fresh towels, and tidy the room. I want my food to be prepared for me at a restaurant and the dishes washed.

I just got home from Chicago and saw your email about the challenge. I can't wait to explore the place you picked for me, and get started on a design!

Shaiha said...

Staying at the Poseidon Resort is on my bucket list. I draw a lot of energy from the sea and being able to sleep in..please I am so there. Of course I have to wait until my husband's writing attracts Hollywood.


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