08 August 2012

Around the World...Europe

Third stop: Europe

Europe is the second smallest continent comprised of 50 nations and home to 11% of the world's population.

There is a rich tradition on this continent, with each nation boasting something special. I would love to investigate where my ancestors came from in Poland and (even though I don't care for it) drink beer Germany.... see the famous tulip fields in Holland and visit the Prague Castle.... attend Mass at St Peter's Basilica in Rome and climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There are so many other places and sights that I would love to see, but I am narrowing my focus to just two nations and that is so very hard!

There are two places that I would like to travel in Europe: Italy and Greece. 


My parents traveled to Italy in the 1990s. I remember just thinking what a romantic and elegant trip that must have been. They saw the Tuscan countryside, toured Rome and floated through Venice. I think that Venice is such a unique place with its maze of canals and the beauty of carnivale, that I would really love to go there, even if it were the most touristy.
{Venice gondolas - photo by gnuckx on Flickr}
The art in Italy would be my next desire to experience. My mother was an art history major, and sometimes I feel that I should have gone that route myself. All I know about art is just what I like, but to see these famous works up close and personal would be a dream. From the massive carved fountains and statues that pop up around every corner to the frescoes and paintings and stained glass, there is such a wealth of art history in Italy that I know my inner library geek would really revel in it all.

{Trevi Fountain - Rome - photo by gnuckx on Flickr}

Not to mention the food. I am sure that the pizza and pasta that is so commercialized here in the United States could not compare to the fresh flavors and unique dishes that would be served in Italy. With amazing wine, no doubt. And then there is gelato. Don't even get me started!



Greece is the birthplace of western civilization so you know that it is steeped in history and that would make my research mode go off the charts. Greek mythology used to capture my attention when I was young. I still have an original book of myths that is all but crumbling with the fascinating stories and colorful illustrations. Seeing some of the most ancient structures in the world would be really awesome.

{Temple of Olympian Zeus from navin75 on Flickr}
I swear that life must be more colorful in Greece. These houses on the cliffside nestled so close together look so cozy in the fading daylight. With the sharp angles, the domed roofs, the colorful tiles they look like so magical.

I would love to see the churches of Santorini. This famous blue dome is one of the most photographed. The light is different here, too. I see it as being harder and more sharp in the daytime and softer and ethereal in the twilight. The colors are so saturated and soothing. I imagine that Greece would be a place to delight the senses.

{Santorini dome by navin 75 on Flickr}

And I think that I would really love the cuisine in Greece. The freshness and the simplicity of it appeals to me. I would love to stroll the streets and find local cafes and markets and just sit and stare at the view for hours on end. I am sure that I would never want to leave.

So there you have it. Two places in Europe I would like to see.


Next stop: Oceania

Your turn...
What images do you associate with Europe? What countries would you long to see on this cosmopolitan continent?


Kristen said...

I love seeing them through your eyes. I see how it fascinates you!

DESPINA said...

I love this inspirational journey!!
SO happy to hear Greece is one of your top choices, I have been to Santorini, the photos cannot give the feeling of awe one has to stand above the caldera, the colors are changing every 30 min of the day, amazing. It is like a scenery, picturesque houses and churches, infinite horizon and the raw charm of the volcano.

My best,


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