07 June 2010

Coming To My Senses::All Star Game

I see....American flags waving in the breeze, white chalk on the tan dirt, my son rounding 2nd going for third.

I smell....Boomerburgers on the grill, a hot-off-the-press souvenir t-shirt, that this garbage can needs to be emptied.

I hear.... the dull thud of the ball hitting the mitt, cheers of the crowd, "Steeee-rike!"

I taste.... hot, fresh cheese curds, the satisfying crunch of peanut M&Ms, an ice-cold Diet Coke.

I touch....the hard aluminum bleachers, the shutter on my camera, the few spits of rain on my face.

I feel.... thrilled to be back among our 'tribe' at the ballpark, enjoying the most Americana day, watching my son and his friends strut their stuff as the best of the best in the league at the All Star Game.... grateful that Sport-o has been selected for another year of traveling with this team of great athletes and their awesome families!

What came to your senses this weekend?

Enjoy the day!


Christine said...

The weekend brought a number of sensations...the sight of the roiling sky, mid-thunderstorm, the sound of the rain, the satisfying clap! of thunder....the feeling of the Virginia humidity, enveloping me like a giant wet washcloth...the peace in a half an hour spent picking sour cherries with my ex-husband...the sight of the crimson red cherries mounded in a bowl, pitted and glistening...the taste of an ice-cold beer enjoyed with my husband on the deck in the twilight.

Kristen said...

I come to my senses all the time however I never end up staying long:) I love that your feelings of summer are around your son. Summer always means more family time to me, it just seems like we get to enjoy more of it.

Bossy Betty said...

Sunshine on my walk. The small of jacarandas in the air! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and notice all that surrounds me!

Mermaid Glass said...

Oh, I'm jealous. We're missing out on All Stars this summer because of our travel plans. There's nothing quite like boiled peanuts, ice cream and a bunch of little boys celebrating the big win. Enjoy!!!

Jenners said...

You really made me feel like I was there! Good job!

Judy said...

You had me! Wishes for a great season of ball!

Lance said...

Hi Erin,
Ahhh...summer and baseball...they go together well, don't they (I have three kids at three different practices tonight!).

For me, it was: the smell of the grill, the taste of the ice cream, and laughter of friends, and the sprinkle of rain...and it was all good...

Sheila said...

What a great and visual post!! I could almost "be" at that game! I had my first visit to a real flea market this weekend so can you imagine what came to my senses? Everything and the wonderful coffee cake I purchased was probably the best "scent" ever :-)

Joann Mannix said...

Perfect capture of a day at the ball field!

I have no stories since I was in the writer's zone all weekend. All my senses were focused on the inner workings of my brain. A scary thing.

And cheese curds. Oh, how I love cheese curds.


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