06 May 2010

30 Words::Floral Bling

{Isn't this the prettiest front porch wreath for your front door? You can find it at KnockKnocking on Etsy. I used to make wreaths but nothing as lovely as this. Agnes Blum's work is simply stunning!}

Front porch sits

I need

a trip to Lensmire's
for glorious
hanging baskets
a fresh new wreath for the door

to bring the
spring floral bling

Enjoy the day!


Karin said...

I have been looking at so many floral necklaces lately that I thought this was a necklace (but I couldn't quite figure out the swing)! thanks for the inspiration -- it really comes from everywhere.

Christine said...

I love that swing! I thought it was part of a necklace at first, too....and I thought, how totally cool! I'd wear something like that! :D

Releases by Rufydoof said...

Oh that is a sweet little wreath. We don't really put wreaths on our doors in Australia - apart from at Christmas but I think if I could find one as lovely as this I might just have one on my door... not sure what hubby would say as he dislikes the one I made for Christmas immensely...but hey I like it!!

Riki Schumacher said...

It is just wonderful, love the piece. Thanks Erin! Big hug!


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