21 April 2010

30 Words::No Words

{Photo Credit: SkyeArt on Etsy - the most colorful paintings and pendants!}

Ever lost your voice?
Try not talking for one day.
Or two.

(Not easy.)

Dry. Tight. Painful.

up now.

You'll be singing like a canary in no time.

(shhhh...enjoy the day!)


Judy said...

LOL...Every time I would have a cold I use to loose my voice. I think my husband use to like that or maybe it was the sexy voice he liked, not too sure!

Christine said...

I hope you quietly enjoy a beautiful spring day, Erin, no matter the actual weather!

I love that painting, going to check out the shop and see what I might gift myself with for my birthday... :)

Michelle said...

Yep. Lost the voice for about half a week. It was weird not to be able to talk. Hope the voice comes back soon!
Bead Happy!

Pretty Things said...

Good post!

Jenners said...

I would have NO PROBLEM doing this. Now if I can just get my Little One on board ...

The Empress said...

These kinds of voices can be very sexy. careful how you use it, it unarms some men...

hint said...

Wow this is just what I've been thinking about lately! Wondering if just sound could replace all my words. It is a very interesting form of personal meditation. Thank you for this inspiration to dig in deeper :)

Pearl and Pebble said...

Oh one time I did loose it-woke up and it just wasn't there. Didn't know it until I attempted to sing in the shower!!! Mine didn't hurt though. Hope you feel better. Write a little note to the family that you NEED Hagandaz (spelling?) Raspberry Sorbet:)


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