14 May 2015

30 Words :: While they last...

They don't last, 
these harbingers of sun-drenched days.
Bursting forth like so many exploding violet-hued fireworks, 
instantly commanding attention.
Inhale deeply 
the heady scent 
that won't return 

Thank you to my friend, Miss Laura, for the sweet-smelling surprise on my desk on Wednesday morning! She is known as the 'lilac thief' in our area, and I am glad that she shares her spoils with me! ;-)

The premise of 30 Words Thursdays is simple...
Take an image (preferably one you shot, or have permission to use).
Write 30 Words about it. No more. No less.

Post it each Thursday.

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Unknown said...

Wow you are one very lucky lady. Enjoy.

Sarajo Wentling said...

What a nice surprise! So many of my favorite flowers seem to be short lived... we totally missed the blooms on our crab apple tree while we were on vacation.

Ann Schroeder said...

My favorites are lilacs and lilies of the valley. They are so lovely and smell so wonderful. But they last such a short time! It's nice to enjoy them while we can.


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