07 May 2015

30 Words :: My Mother's Day

My mother's day-to-day 
is lived in 
the fog of Alzheimer's,
but that doesn't mean she isn't there.  
I filled the world 
with color 
to bring joy 
to my Mother’s Day.

Hug those who mother you tight.

Be they an aunt, a cousin, a grandmother, a neighbor, a teacher, a friend or the mother who raised you.

Because when they aren't there you will miss it.

Thankfully, my mother still recognizes me as someone special, even if she can't say my name or tell you who I am. But that is okay. I still get to hug her tight and tell her how much I love her, hoping that the words will penetrate the walls that Alzheimer's has erected. I have kissed her more this past year than I had in the previous ten. We just have a different sort of relationship these days. Simpler. Less talking, more holding hands.

Now that my mother has been at Whispering Pines assisted living facility for over a year, I have spent many a day visiting and creating with these other wonderful women, who have adopted me in their own way. From conversations and songs with Miss Shirlee... hugs and kisses and compliments from Miss Ernie... smiles and laughter from Miss Theresa... they each fill a need that I have that I might not be able to get from my own mother due to the ravages of this disease.

My daughter and I recently had the chance to work with these lovely ladies to make decorations for their recent Mother’s Day tea party. We used coffee filters that we had dip-dyed with Kool-Aid in glorious pastel shades, and helped them transform them into pretty posies for the tables. Everlasting blooms created by their hands.

Wishing all the women throughout my life who have been there for me... to guide me and bless me with their love and support... a Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for making me who I am today.

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Beverley Baird said...

When I read your poem to your mother I was moved to create one for my mom. Thanks Erin - it was such a loving tribute to your mother - loved the photos!

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

It is really wonderful that you are able to visit and spend time with your mom. I am sure the other ladies really enjoy your company as you are such an amazing person to be around! The flower craft is just beautiful, what a fun and idea and lovely way to spend the afternoon.

Happy Mother's Day to you Erin!!! Thank you again for the wonderful book "On the day you were born", Liam LOVES looking through the book! It is very appreciated from one mother to another!

Rebecca said...

You are such a wonderful person Erin, always seeing the positive and yes, that good in every day. I have such admiration for you and your outlook on life. Looks like you had a beautiful day. I hope the same love, colour and joy was lavished upon you too.


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