21 August 2014

30 Words :: Our First Dance

take my hand
follow my lead
a tug on your shoulder means
you turn
we t-w-i-r-l across
the dimly lit floor
between the couples
our first

Excuse the dim lighting, poor sound and shakiness on this impromptu video from our niece Megan's wedding last weekend.

Paul and I took ballroom dance in college and the only thing we remember is the swing (which we do pretty well!) and the mechanics of the lead. He is the only man I have ever danced with that does this exceptionally well. He dislikes that most couples simple stand still and sway when slow dancing, not using the entire floor. I love being glided around the floor by him. 

He is explaining to Tiny Dancer how this works... a tug on the shoulder and you turn, a pull on the hand to guide you. Elvis is a particular favorite of his, so this was a sweet choice for what I suspect is the first (of many, I hope!) father-daughter dance.

May our Tiny Dancer one day find someone who will take her hand, hold her close and guide her just like her daddy does.

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Alice said...

I love that song. How sweet is the father-daughter dance. I am betting a few happy tears were shed.

Todd said...

We took dance lessons a long time ago but I think I'm too shy to cut the rug in public!!

I do however understand and appreciate the bond between a father and a daughter and I know that this dance is something that both will remember for a long time to come.

Beverley Baird said...

How lovely to share this dance! Love your poem a well!

Sarajo Wentling said...

What a sweet post, Erin! There is absolutely a special bond between a father and his little girl!


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