11 January 2013

Balance plus... Flourish & Thrive

“Listen for the call of your destiny,
and when it comes,
release your plans and follow.”
~Mollie Marti

Do you ever find yourself wishing out loud for something and then placed in your path is something that seems to magically appear that leads you to your heart's desire?

I have long been a believer that you need to open yourself up to the possibilities in order to make them happen. This is not some new-age mumbo-jumbo. I am not saying that if you wish for a million dollars it will fall from the sky and land in your lap. Simply put, I believe that you need to open your heart to the opportunities that are waiting for you and once you do you will be surprised at what manifests. Once you see the doors opening, and have the courage to walk through them, other doors will open. You never know where they will lead.

I have been poking around on the Flourish & Thrive Academy website since they launched. I am very intrigued by this new community. I have been interested in taking their course Laying the Foundation, Volume 1 for some time but I couldn't see the potential in it, and didn't have the space in my life for it last fall.

And then I spotted them on Handemadeology asking the questions

  • What was your biggest business success in 2012?
  • What do you avoid dealing with in your business? 
  • What is holding you back from taking your business to the next level?
I wrote such a long reply to those questions that I knew I was opening a door. And then I saw that my friend Heather Powers has taken the course and found it to be very valuable. Her comments opened the crack a bit wider and I could see myself carving out time for this program. I felt more ready to accept the challenge.

And today, I see that they are offering a scholarship to the program with a creative blog post or video post answering these questions.

  • Where are you in your jewelry business now?
  • What’s holding you back in your business and your life?
  • What is your vision for your business? Where do you want to go? What are your biggest dreams and desires?
I am on a soul-searching path of late, focusing on the Memories & Thanks blog hop tomorrow, signing up for the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary and the Focusing on Life assignment of my word(s) for the year, and this is completely resonating with me. My head knows that I need this direction, this push, but my heart was unwilling to go in that direction. Until now. So I am answering those three questions with a free verse, stream of consciousness poem just the way it popped into my head.
Floating along in a surging sea of beads, I
sometimes struggle to stay afloat.
I am buoyed by the potential around me,
excited to create,
inspired to let the currents take me on a 
magical journey,
deadlines race toward me and
to drag me under,
paperwork bogs me down.
How can you drown
under so much 
But I just keep swimming.
No loss of ideas.
No shortage of materials.
Simply not enough time.
Working all day:
leaves little room
for stretching my creative wings.
Beading all night burns the midnight oil,
sometimes kills creative mojo.
leaves me wondering how long I can sustain
will my children grow up and pass me by.
I need
balance and order
so I can
create and grow.
What works...
developing new ideas,
pushing the limits
writing instructions, blog posts, book proposals
connecting with others, 
encouraging big dreams (mine and others),
playing with new tools and techniques
Finding balance
in life
in work
in creating
in family
is my biggest pitfall, obstacle, hurdle.
 I envision
writing books
selling across the country
(and why not around the world?)
but first, more time for making, exploring, learning
and then quitting
that day job
opening up a creative space
where other dreamers and doers
can let their God-given talents shine
to flourish & thrive

My word for 2013...BALANCE

This image is one that I took in September 2008 on a once in a lifetime trip to San Francisco with my parents and husband to celebrate the occasion of my 40th birthday. I stumbled across this long forgotten photo, but it perfectly illustrates my word - BALANCE - as well as the fact that I need to take care of the big stones in my life first. My health, my family and my need for creative self-expression are very big stones. 

An ancillary word that goes along with this is ORDER. There are so many things that are spinning out of control in my life and to get some BALANCE I will need to make room for ORDER. Like that stack of paperwork that is beckoning me. Or that tower of books that I want to tackle. And let's not forget that ORDERS are what I like to get from Etsy and elsewhere, but I need a way to streamline the process. And a business plan, or really any sort of plan would bring a lot of ORDER -  and hopefully orders - into my life and business.

BALANCE and ORDER have always been hard for me and my chaotic, detouring, right brain mind. But my head knows what my heart resists. 

So even if I don't happen to be so lucky as to win a scholarship to the Flourish & Thrive Academy, my heart and mind are at least aligned enough to know that this is the direction that my toes need to be pointed in 2013 and I will find a way to make it happen. 

What is written on your heart for 2013? 
What steps are you willing to take to make it happen?



Wendy said...

Great words to keep you going this year. We all need balance in our lives and order really resonates with my right now. I also have a hard time keeping everything in order and on track to where I want to go. Thanks for sharing and good like with the Scholarship.

Christine said...

Beautifully written. So much of what you wrote rings true within myself.
Your photograph is the perfect visual of balance.

Anonymous said...

How funny that we picked the same word for 2013! I too am struggling for balance right now, with 3 kids to juggle as well as work and jewellery and blogging and life! I hope that I can find the steps to take to restore a little balance to my life. And I wish you all the best Miss Erin, in finding the balance point in your life!

Erin Siegel said...

This post blows me away! You are an amazing writer and a beautiful soul, Miss Erin. This incredible image you have here with the rocks is also blowing my mind. Wow. May you find that elusive balance in your life. That's a great word and something I think we are all searching for. I know that is always something I am striving for as well.

Maplegirl said...

Balance and order are what I seek right now too. Thank you for that poem; I will have to put it up in my creative space. Being creative at night after all of the 'jobs' are done can be exciting to look forward to, or not successful at all. Here is hoping you get that scholarship. Yet you already seem to be on your way to giving great thought to your life and dreams, and you have reached the step of putting it all down on paper. Way to go. Andrea

Lori Bowring Michaud said...

Yay you! You'll find your balance, you're taking all the right steps. I can see your future quite clearly because of it. I hope to get to the place where you are at some point, but first to take the baby steps..... I think the Flourish and Thrive Academy is the perfect next step for you.

Tanya said...

Taht is such an awesome photo. I can not belive the rocks were just there. I love that you made it your cover as well. I know you will find the balance and order. 2013 will be a year for you to thrive.

Shel said...

Profound post Erin. Lovely poem and simply amazing photo that sums up your word for the year quite perfectly!! What a fun journey the Focusing on Life challenge is going to be!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Beautifully said, and perfectly captured in your photo!

Claire said...

amazing photo and post for a wonderful word!
i'm pleased to meet you having favourited your etsy shop and some pieces in the past :)
i'm no. 21 on the list btw :o)

Cynthia@Ornamental Style said...

An absolutely amazing photo! (Who stacked the rocks?) Worthy of an award. Wishing you lots of luck in finding balance. And love the stream of consciousness and hoping you win the scholarship.

sandi m said...

Love the photo ~ reminds me of the stones at Stonehedge.
Your poem is so heartfelt. Don't we wish we had that magic wand that would make all of our dreams come true ~ now?!
And if I was a betting gal, I'd say your poem will be the winner. F&T is a fantastic bundle of information. Good Luck!

Patti Van said...

I know it has been said in the comments above - but that photo is inspiring even WITHOUT your words! Awesome! I am amazed at your ability to have those "free flowing" thoughts and actually get them down on paper, so to speak! I do wish you Balance and Order for 2013!

Alice said...

A great choice for your word of the year. Your photo is beautiful and I'm glad you remembered you had it.

I love your poem. I find so many thought there that relate to me.

Finding balance and order has always been difficult to accomplish for us women, as so much is expected from us, not just from our families, but from every person we come in contact with.

Good luck with the Flourish & Thrive Academy scholarship. I'm crossing my fingers for you!!!

Emakaye said...

Erin today I read your post and think we could be soul sisters. I am on the a VERY similar path. You have put so many of my thoughts into beautiful words. I wish luck in receiving the Flourish & Thrive scholarship. I have been following these ladies for a while now, personally I'm not ready to do that work in this moment. I have some other goals I am following but I truly wish you great success.

Karen Williams said...

Beautiful post! You have a wonderful way with words and your photos are just lovely. I was especially struck by your phrase 'How can you drown
under so much beauty'.

That, and your struggle for balance truly resonated with me.

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Erin you always blow me away with your words - you are such an inspiration! Good luck with your word this year!!

Annette said...

I do admire the way you are able to put into words what is in your heart. I hope you win the scholarship and find the balance and order you're seeking.

Islandgirl said...

Wonderful picture... That's the sort of thing I spent my time doing but usually with much smaller objects. My word for the year is focus which fits with your balance perfectly. I have to focus carefully on each element in order to acheive the perfect balance.

Jennifer said...

Fantastic photo Erin! You are a successful woman, and will reach those goals! I look forward to seeing what 2013 brings!

Beti Horvath said...

Perfect image for your word!

HundredColors said...

That photo is phenomenal! Oh yes, balance is such an essential word to keep going- Home, Kid, Hubby, Work, Creativiy, Sanity.. Hm.. Balance is way too important!!

Annie said...

Hi Miss Erin! (Fancy seeing you here... I "met" you on your Challenge of Color Blog Hop!).

A most lovely poem! I could relate on many levels of it... Here's to whatever 2013 holds for us - lots of amazing things, I'm sure!

Haven't yet found a word for me and the year... I will keep trying some out until 1 sticks! "Balance" is a FANTASTIC word!


Sally Russick said...

Erin, I'm right there with you, everything seems to be spinning out of control and that the more I try to grasps at things the farther away they spin! I think your words are excellent for 2013 and that if you gain balance that the rest will come! Fantastic photo!

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Your stream of consciousness poem is amazing! Very beautifully written and words that I can completely relate to. Oh, how I struggle with many of the same thoughts, questions and hopes.

Balance is a great word. Everyone needs balance in their life but not everyone recognizes it or is able to achieve it. Not only are we kindred spirits in gift wrapping but also in the things that affect acquiring balance in our creative life. I am reading your words and it is as though they are telling my story! It is comforting to know that we are not alone!

Flourish & Thrive Academy does sound fantastic. I hope to someday participate but need to spend this year on focus and direction so that I can take the next step!

Best wishes on finding balance in 2013!

Kim Stevens said...

What a great word Erin and it goes so well with mine. (of course that's what I've been saying about everyone's words, haha) Because even possibilities need balance. Being creatives, I think balance is something we all lack a bit, don't ya think? There are so many things I like to do, and many that I do well, and sometimes (a lot) I get sidetracked...sometimes to the point that I don't ever see my ideas come to fuition...I'm a daydreamer...I like the process of thinking things through. I think that it why I chose possibilities, sometimes I forget there are possibilities through all the daydreaming. I never bring them into reality.

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

What an amazing photo! I feel like those stones symbolize the plate that I spin on a regular day - except my plates feel much more precarious than the stones look. A lovely post....

Karen Mitchell said...

Great post! I think we could all do with a bit of balance and order in our lives. Your photo is perfect for this

Pearl and Pebble said...

Erin great words! I think you are one of the most beautiful writers out there. You must write those write books. (not to add to the pressure) Love Love Love those photographs. I am so moved by rocks and stones anyway and these are just spectacular.

Laura Twiford said...

What a beautifully inspiring post Miss Erin! As a Libra, I am always in search of balance but find I can be my own worst enemy, swinging wilding on the scales first one then another and then wondering why things are askew! I love that photo and would have it framed along with the poem you wrote overlaid on it. Great post, great ideas!


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