03 January 2013

12 Gifts of Christmas: #10

On the tenth day of Christmas Rita Toltec made for me
a beaded snowflake and a vintage Lux Perpetua.

{I am constantly amazed at the beautiful bead weaving that people do. I love the delicate snowflake ornament that looks so shimmering on my tree! Rita sent some other fun gifts. A sombrero and Mexican blanket ornament to wish a Feliz Navidad. And a vintage and rare Lux Perpetua - ceaseless light - candle. They are made with a tallow that will burn a long time with the paper covering glowing from within. I think this is a lovely gift to ring in the New Year!}
 Thank you, Miss Rita!


Caron Michelle said...

Oh wow - look at that ornament, it is gorgeous! Love following these posts, it has been fun!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Erin,
Rita went above and beyond with her gifts. I posted that the candle was bees wax, but now I remember that it is tallow. I have a handmade lantern that my Sister gave me for Christmas (not made by her) that I am going to put the candle in.


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