21 April 2011

Button Hop

The button is one of the humblest of all things. It serves to fasten. It is utilitarian. It is one of the first skills that you master as a young child and feel a great sense of accomplishment about. It is a common thing, usually made of plastic, and yet one of those things that you hate to lose.

Buttons connect two things, keeping them together and  bringing closure. And while this tiny bit of usefulness is often overlooked and neglected until hanging by a thread, it is so much more than just a way to ensure that your clothes don't fall off and you show too many of your private bits.

And they have been doing that for over 5,000 years. 

I love to see what treasures a swap like this will bring me. If there are participants who are overseas, I always offer to be paired with someone new. Yes, it may cost a bit more to send something overseas, but I weigh that with the fact that I will now have a new friend in a faraway place. And it is like being a button... fastening yourself, connecting yourself to another person half a world away. It is amazing what the humble button can do.

{Look at the loot! I love the little diagram from Saskia. I am keeping that as a remembrance of the fun.;-) Shout out to Saskia...thank you for all the treasures!}
For this button swap I was paired with Saskia Kaffenberger of Germany. Check out her blog Perlendistel. Getting mail from overseas is fun, and I love to see the stamps from other countries. The inside of the package was wicked cool... it is an envelope that is recycled from maps. I am tucking that away for another project some day.

Saskia was so kind to write in English and provided me with a sweet little diagram of the beads that were in my package with notes on what they were and where they came from. She included a few vintage brass colored buttons still in their original packaging, a Murano-style glass button with a shank that looks very old, a plastic button that looks vaguely nautical, some little silver toned flower spacers and the most amazing beaded button that Saskia made herself! There were also puzzle pieces (great for mixed media)and a shell from her last trip to France. 

I have to say that you seed beaders make some truly awesome things. It would never occur to me to take a simple plastic button and embellish it with dozens of tiny seed beads. I love it. And I knew that I wanted to use this special beaded button that Saskia made just for me in my design.

I call this piece 'Spring is Sure to Come' because this week I have had a hard time believing it with the snow storm that just hit. But I need to have faith that it will!

I secured a yellow jonquil Swarovski crystal bicone and a silver daisy spacer using black waxed linen cord. I then knotted the chord at random intervals with blue goldstone faceted rondelles (note to self: buy more of these totally awesome beads! Look at that flash of blue!), more of the yellow jonquil Swarovski bicone crystals, and the three silver flower spacers from Saskia. At different points I added a jump ring with two different Czech glass flowers for some movement. 

{Spring is Sure to Come.. isn't it?}
The patterned link chain came from Hobby Lobby from a line I love called Metal Gallery. And I dug out a toggle bar and used the ring in the chain for a perfectly integrated clasp. 

{This treasure for your neck is available on Etsy}
"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."
~Proverb from Guinea

Be sure to stop by all the wonderful designers in the swap. And our hostess, Miss Michelle Mach, is going to count every comment that you make on the hop at all the stops along the way as an entry in a drawing she is holding to give away buttons. Lots of buttons! There are 25 participants, so that means you can have up to 25 chances to win (and it is open to anyone)! I wish the lottery were that easy ;-)
Have fun hopping!
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22. Saskia - Perlendistel - My partner!

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Alice said...

Erin, your swap partner gave you some sweet buttons! I admire the work she put into the beaded one. Your necklace is just gorgeous.

And yes, spring will surely come, hopefully sooner than later.

steufel said...

Ahh Erin, absolutly gorgeous:-) Love the pieces you've received - the puzzle-pieces are especially great - and what you did with this beaded button is amazing as always, my dear friend!

Perlendistel said...

it was so fun to swap with you :). I´m happy that you like what I send you. And I´m happy to see my button on such a gorgeous necklace from you :0)


SummersStudio said...

Saskia has made an amazing button. I am also in awe of what people who use seed beads do. I think using it the way you did is a perfect drop of colour in a beautiful necklace.

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I was expecting greatness when I saw you were participating and that is exactly what I got! You made that button proud. Beautiful necklace, I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of your loot.
Shannon C

Pretty Things said...

That's gorgeous! I love how you worked with the colors so the button is center stage, even though it's not technically CENTER.

And I agree -- seed beaders can do some amazing things.

somethingunique said...

Hi Erin, wow that necklace is truly stunning and i always enjoy reading your blog posts the way you describe the simplist of things to make people see them in a whole different way. i really think you should write a book someday & boy can we relate here in Canada athough we didn't get much snow it has been 70 degrees, snowing, raining, ice pellets and major wind all in the same week lol ttfn L:) p.s just a small note my son saw the doc yest. and his surgery is May 10th this Doc has fixed up many famous NHL's as well as olympions so i feel much better now to know he is in good hands :) < my happy face

KayzKreationz said...

You got some great buttons. And I love the way you used the beaded button. And I always love metal. What a great chain to accent it.

Cindy said...

Erin, all I can say is a great big WOW!!! Your necklace is truly stunning and something I'd love to wear - how I feel about all of your jewelry! Just look at that incredible beaded button....Saskia is one talented designer. I am so impressed and love the button intro - I agree with Lana (a book in the future??). :-)

Kristen said...

Oh Erin I truly love how you find "something good in everything" I know it wasn't hard for you in the goodies you received but the way you gave the button it's due was awesome! I love your necklace!

Lutka And Co. said...

What lovely buttons you received! And what a beautiful necklace you made!

Brandi said...

Oh, Erin, how lovely!

Cory said...

Love, love, love the necklace..what a great way to treat a button.

Cynthia said...

Your necklace is very fabulous!
Hang in there, spring really is sure to come!!

Cyndi L said...

I love what you wrote about buttons and connections! That is certainly part of what this fun swap was about...what a wonderful necklace you made :-)

CraftyHope said...

All the little treasures you received in your package sound awesome! Even more spectacular is that necklace. Your partner really spoiled you with that button she made.

I like what you said about swapping with someone internationally. I think you may have broadened my horizons for my next swap. Thanks!

Melinda Orr said...

How beautiful!...and the bead is amazing...I agree ...Those seed beaders sure do make some awesome pieces...:-)

SueBeads said...

Gorgeous! And what a wonderful gift to receive that handmade button - it's truly beautiful!

Linda Landig said...

What wonderful buttons you received--especially the seed bead button you chose to use in this necklace. You designed a rich and gorgeous necklace to show it off to its finest. Lovely!

Judy said...

How fun!! How did I miss this swap?? I agree it is so fun to receive something from so far away. Your partner made you a lovely button and what you did with it is equally beautiful!!

Inca said...

Awesome necklace ... love it =)

Moags and Smeet said...

That is absolutely gorgeous!

Bobbie said...

Fabulous! What a great way to frame a really beautiful button.

Michelle Mach said...

Wow! I love that seed bead button! What you made is so lovely and it really shows off the button. I also loved seeing the little diagram that you received. Aren't beaders amazing? Isn't the Internet amazing? I'm feeling so humbled by this entire experience. Thanks for joining my first swap!

Shirley said...

Wow, Erin,what a beautiful necklace. I love the contrast of the yellow and blue. And I'm totally jealous that you got your blue goldstone to flash for the camera! Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Of course, the camera probably has something to do with it... :)

Mary K. McGraw said...

The necklace you made is fabulous and highlights the button so well.

Laurie said...

That beaded button, especially, was fantastic! With such inspiration, your necklace came out fantastic as well! Bravo! I adore it!

Lody said...

Stunning necklace! I love how you used the beaded button.:)

BooBeads said...

Great necklace Erin and what a treasure that button is!

Marian Hertzog said...

Very pretty! I agree with you and love the way you think about buttons. They are also something the wearer touched often... especially endearing when it is from family. Your necklace is great... love the blues!

In the Light of the Moon said...

So beautiful Erin!!!Great way to showcase the buttons you received!!Hugs,Cat

Loretta said...

Beautiful necklace, and a great button.

alankarshilpa said...

What a beautiful necklace you made with that special button. It was fun reading your blog. Dita

Pam Chesbro said...

Love your piece with the beaded button. Great button stash to receive!

Carol said...

Sweet beaded button! Sweet necklace!

Artisan Clay said...


I LOVE color! said...

I really love your designs Be blessed

Malin de Koning said...

It looks wonderful Erin. Simply beautiful!

Bonnie said...

That is abaolutely fabulous! Very elegant and beautiful.

mitz said...

...wonderful job you did on the necklace.. beautiful


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