02 March 2011

BTW: Sneak Peek

Thanks to Heather Powers of Humblebeads, I have a new dread of Wednesdays.

Because I work such late nights, I forget what day it actually is. So it is not without much anxiety that on Wednesday mornings my blog roll greets me with the reminder that I am, in fact, a slacker. I cannot seem to remember that it is Bead Table Wednesday until oh, maybe Thursday! And Bead Table Thursday just doesn't have the same ring to it. I love this idea though, and want to play along.

I think the best part of seeing all the BTWs is that I don't feel so all alone piled under baggies of beads in my studio late at night, because that is what you all are doing as well! It is still, technically, Wednesday, so I guess this week I am not the biggest slacker.

So here is what I have been working on for the past two nights.

I can't tell you what it is for... yet. But I am pretty stoked about it! (I know. I am such a tease! ;-)

I am also still swimming in heaping bowls of Bead Soup! It is so yummy! I am determined to visit every single one and leave a comment. I will select the winner of my 'simple truths' pendant from all comments on this post through Friday, March 4th. I am working on getting some more of the 'simple truths' pendants made for a shop update and I am hoping to use as many of the suggestions I have been getting as possible! (And if you are waiting on me for a custom 'simple truths' it is coming! I promise!)

Tell me this...
I am always looking for the next big thing (to me), some beads or components or materials that are unlike any I have ever worked with before.

Where do you find the newest, hottest beads?
Are they right under your nose and packed in baggies in boxes you forgot you had? 
Or are they in a store that you are lucky enough to have in your town? 
Maybe you are an Etsy junkie like me? 
Perhaps you look to magazines and books? 
Or maybe direct links to the bead artists themselves or catalogs and websites of online retailers? 
What is your best source for the beads that you can't live without?

Do tell!

Enjoy the day!


moonlitfantaseas said...

I like your pendants......

Anonymous said...

Erin, you ARE way busy. I think you meant March 4. LOL :)

I like the message of "Dream Big". Can't wait to hear more about it! Very cool!

Dee said...

ha ha..funny you should mention finding beads..while decluttering a few weeks back, I found a bag from a bead show..wondered what had happened to some select finds I bought and I guess I hid them from myself. My best finds have been at shows or etsy...unique is typically artisan, because they are definitely one of a kind!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to answer the question. I think you have to have the perspective of a sponge. I mean REALLY soak everything in. That's what I do. I'm intense. Plus you have to combine it (the "magic" material you like) in your end result - whether that be fiber, wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc... You could look at current artists for their style of material use, but take it a step further. What is it that you like about their work? Their use of color, texture, shape - whatever? Then interpret that into your own story. Each of us has a great story to tell. You have the next great bead thing in you already. You just need to pull it out. Hey, I work on this every day...getting my hands to create what is already in my heart and mind. I try not to over-think. Not easy peasy. Artists are natural born over-thinkers.

Cindy said...

Erin, I had to smile at the vision of you buried under "baggies" of beads, up late! :-)
You are not late, it's still Wednesday and you got your BTW post up! I haven't recovered yet from all that designing of my BSBP piece, my studio floor is literally covered in beads! It would have to be Bead Floor Wednesday!

Jennifer Cameron said...

Right now? I am not allowed to buy any more beads until I actually use what I already have (a self imposed restriction...my husband isn't THAT cruel) . So, I guess for now, the best place for me to find them is here in my house where they won't cost me any more money or take up any more space ;o)

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Erin, I have been so out of it lately, haven't been by to say hi. Love your post, and questions. Guess my biggest source are gem shows, and antique/flea shows. Always find some pretties there. You are NOT a slacker my dear!! Hugs to you, Riki

Mags said...

I'm at the same point with Jennifer C. I must not, I should not, I'm not allowed to buy anything before using much of the treasures I have at home!!
But, I find most of the treasures On Etsy!
I'm also so happy for the bead soup party: I found many talented artists, as you too, through it, and I know where to find some sweetest things in the future ;-D
Some magazines are very inspiring too, and their links to artists very helpful.

somethingunique said...

Hi Erin,i would have to say my newest insprirations have been all of you that i have met through blog these past few weeks,which i found through Bead Star Mag, my daughter picked up for me. I had been slumping<my own word!! around for months so she gave me the mag as a way to well give a kick in the butt,i liked a necklace & wanted to see more so i went to a "blogspot.com" and found this whole new world of inspiration in all of you,so a big THANK_YOU to all of you!! you have inspired me to dust off my pliers & start doing what makes me be in my happy place and that is creating jewelry,and thank-you to my beautiful Renee for the kick in the butt<3

Alice said...

I never remember BTW until I begin seeing posts on my blog reader.

As for favorite bead haunts--it used to be ebay, but now it's all of the above (except we don't have a sweet bead shop in our town). But my favorites have to be ones I find in surfing through my favorite blogs. Like some of the others, I'm trying to use up the ones I have before buying more. But I'm like an addict--and they keep calling to me.

Can't wait to see what you sneak peek brings.

Unknown said...

Always the slacker awww No you arent! Quite the opposite Missy! I look everywhere for beads all the time. My problem is I make things which I havent posted as well then dont want to sell them! I too have beads I cant put on anything or if I do they wont be for sale! Ha I got my Bead Table Wed up at 10:30 last night! Gee. Thank you for your lovely words too Erin. If you have a cracker Barrel near you go look for the butterfly I spoke about in my Blog. I swear you cannot just about see the wire!
Enjoy youre day!

Maneki said...

I'm on a really tight budget so I try to do my best *not* looking at beads... Otherwise, I like to search for intersting supplies on Etsy or DaWanda. Mostly Etsy. And subscribing to blogs like Art Bead Scene and Beads of Clay often mean encountering beads to covet.

But I'm a seed bead junkie and I love czech glass beads so what I mostly do is "digging" through new as well as familiar bead shops looking for mouth-watering finishes on fire-polished and gorgeous new (for me) colours and effects on seeds. There are so many, you have to check back every now and then to find new colours. Right now, for example, I'm drooling over Toho Hybrids frosted opal apollo. I also like rivolis because of all the yummy finishes/effects they can be found in.

I find new shop via a mix of ads in mags, googling, recommendations and rediscovery of shops I haven't shopped in for so long I've almost forgot about them. Anything that might be of interest is saved. In my bookmarks/favourites or I make wishlists in the shops.

I also check out scrapbook suppliers, craft stores, mixed media shops etc for new stuff to experiment with apart from just hunting for beads and more "traditional" jewellery supplies.

Unknown said...

My best source for beads has been my luck in beady giveaways but if I could I would shop at all my Etsy Favs!

You are a tease but just so you know....I WANT ONE!!!!!!!


somethingunique said...

Hi Erin, i took a little looksy back at my copy of Bead Star and your "Icy Rings" necklace is so pretty. i remember seeing this when i first got the mag thinking how sweet is that mother & daughter together, making memories you will have forever the two of you are beautiful.

Dee said...

I would love to see a cobalt blue butterfly on one side with the words "remember to soar" on the reverse.

Catherine said...

There might be a method to your madness. I didn't look at the BTW flickr page until Thursday and your pic was the first I saw. All those really organized people were way at the end. Love the pendants. I actually bought two things last week off of Twitter posts. I think it was maybe the fact that they were featured on their own, I liked them and didn't have time to get lost on a big website, Etsy etc. Went straight to the link and bought them.

Lisa Godfrey said...

I love (but my credit card hates) how Etsy shows me all the new items from my favorite sellers. I find so many beads this way. I also use beading magazines to find new treasures. I'm always looking to the bottom of the instructions to see who made the beads. I have discovered so many great designers this way. Sometimes I just search random things on Etsy, like "purple lampwork" to see what I can find. I spend waaaaaay to much time on Etsy. ;-)


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