24 March 2011

30 Words::Frozen

Frothy peaks jut from waves,
captured mid-thrust

{The artist on Etsy says this reminds them of Superman's Fortress of Solitude. But it looks just like the peaks that are captured mid-tumble on the river outside my window. From KZShots on Etsy}
Round bellied robins flit about in a panic,
seeking refuge

{Those mommas don't know where to turn! There are dozens of them in the trees and flying willy-nilly into my glass window. And this painterly photograph from TheShutterbugEye on Etsy looks like it was taken outside today.)

Sleet stings like shards of glass

{This beautiful photo from HawkSongStudio on Etsy is being sold to benefit Japan Disaster Relief}

The March lion rears it's ugly head

Enjoy the day!


Marcie A. said...

Erin, I've been meaning to thank you for the comment that you left on my blog. ;) Thanks for your input it's always valued and appreciated and I'm glad to see you're crawling out from under the winter fog. Happy March!

Alice said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!!

Have a wonderful day!

Barbara Lewis said...

Gorgeous photos and accurate weather prediction. We flew into a Maryland cold front yesterday! Yuck!

somethingunique said...

Hi Erin, what beautiful photos,we have hit a bit of a cold spell as well freezing rain yesterday. i was looking for advise and tried to post it on my face book but it was too long if u have time maybe you could hop over to my blog and have a looksy your advice i'm sure would be valuable thanks Miss Erin ttfn :)

Janet said...

I can imagine your still having the cold brrr. And the roses are blooming here in H town Texas. Mad as a March hare! Springtime is here and it has to be the prettiest time of year!

Kristen said...

Oh so pretty!

Cheeseboy said...

I hate that lion with it's shards. I wish the lamb could kick the lion's butt the entire month.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

We are all getting hit with lion weather it seems, although we only had less than an inch of snow this time! Still, we were spoiled by a 70 degree heatwave a few weeks ago! Hopefully, Spring will Sprung soon!

shari said...

Lovely photos! We just had a little snow again here... but the sun just came out, the snow is melting away, and my cats are back in the windows! It must be spring... thanks for sharing the lovely photos!

rosebud101 said...

Erin, you do have a way with words! I love what you said about March!

Holly said...

Erin, I so love your Words posts. Beautiful images are drawn to the eye with how you phrase things - the images that accompany merely accent your minds eye!


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