02 May 2014

30 Words :: Just Dance

it a
are our
Tiny Dancer
you make
me proud that
My Girl.

So sorry for the delay! I had major technical difficulties yesterday in bringing you this short video snippet of my Tiny Dancer in her recital performances from last weekend. It was a marvelous time! All the hard work they do all year long put into six performances including a Friday and Saturday night performance group showcase!

The Bossa Nova (shown above) was a special dance only shown once. Tiny Dancer participated in her first Dance Exchange where two schools - one in Minnesota and one in southern Wisconsin - send select dancers for fellowship, fun and intense dance classes. The integrated groups choreographed original dances, and my daughter's group was one of two selected as the best. Three of the h.s. girls from MN traveled back to perform this student choreographed work in our show! My (13 yo!) Tiny Dancer is the one right in front ;-)

The second video (since it took me so long to upload this...you get two!) is from a different part of the show and is just as fun. Tiny Dancer starts out in the back row, far right, but at the end of this dance she is front and center with all the h.s. girls in her classes, and she is the last one on the stage. I couldn't be more proud of this kid!

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Jean said...

I cannot believe how talented your daugher is! I hope she chooses dancing as a career, if that is what she wants, because she is truly spectacular and outstanding. She puts extra voom in, and yet can also be s part of a very well organized and creatively choreographed group--JUST LIKE A GREAT DANCER can, if you look at videos of the best.
Thanks for this opportunity to see her!!! jean xox

Shel said...

She's awesome!! Glad you shared these. I'm going to send the link to my sister. She was a Jr. high and high school art and dance teacher for many, many years, and now teaches kids and adults (tap, jazz and ballet) at a studio in the town where she lives - she's gonna love this!! Love the words you have w/this, too!


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