28 May 2013

Comfortable in the Nest - FREE Tutorial

"When I learn something new - and it happens every day - I feel a little more at home in this Universe, a little more comfortable in the nest." ~ Bill Moyers

I am delighted that one of my projects for Nunn Design was picked up on Jewelry Making Daily.

I love the idea of nests of eggs. They speak of home and comfort and new life and possibilities. I love to mix metals, so using different tones was easy for me to do. When I saw the little copper bead cap, I thought it looked like a nest--and that is where I started. And a nest needs a branch and a bird to go along with it! The Nunn Design products are full of potential, especially if you are able to look past what their typical function is and use them as building blocks to making your design unique!

If you have a chance, please go and check it out! You can see the step by step instructions on Jewelry Making Daily or you can download the instructions from Nunn Design.

And if you are looking for more birds' nest ideas, today is also my day over at Earring Everyday and you can read about my inspiration for the Nesting Instincts earrings.


KayzKreationz said...

That is so cute. I'll be checking out both sites. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Eris, this is adorable and I know my daughter will love it! Thanks.


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