05 February 2013

Japanese Cherry Blossom

“In the cherry blossom's shade
there's no such thing
as a stranger.” 

~Kobayashi Issa 

This month the painting inspiration at Art Bead Scene is Heijinja created by Toshi Yoshida. Yoshida was a Japanese printmaker in the early part of the 20th century. Yoshida was a skilled artist from the age of three when he showed remakable talent in woodblock designs alongside his famous artist father, Hiroshi Yoshida. 

There are so many intricate details in this painting. The strong lines of the architecture to the fanciful roof line. The blossoming cherry tree with the soft pink blooms. The Japanese mother feeding the birds with her young child nearby wearing colorful traditional robes. 

 My goal this year is to come up with designs each month that are inspired by the Art Bead Scene inspiration art. The poppy red pagoda dominates the scene of this painting. But to me it is sort of a backdrop to the everyday life that is happening in front of it. People come and go on the street. A young woman stoops to bless the birds with some food, teaching her child respect for all creatures. And above it all the cherry blossom tree, with its profusion of sweet smelling blossoms, hints at the impermanence of life. Those blooms are very short lived and when they fall, they do so completely. So in Japanese culture they have been associated with Samurai warriors because like the bloom, they are prepared to fall completely and unreservedly. In other cultures, the cherry blossom has different connotations. In China, these blooms are heralded as evoking strength and femininity. So I am reminded to stop and soak up the beauty all around me and not to overlook the little things that make life sweet.

Besides being my go-to fragrance from Bath & Body Works, I love the delicate and fleeting nature of cherry blossoms in the spring. With the snow piling up outside today, it is hard to believe the there will be blooms but I know they will come.

The Simple Truths Sampler Club this month received a LIMITED EDITION botantical bird in a cherry blossom pattern (my apologies if the members haven't received it yet! They are on the way!). I started making the botanical birds last fall with some Sari Snapshot style and then in winter with the holiday botanicals. This year I have a plan to make a new botanical bird for each season. For spring, it is the spring sakura botanical bird. A limited number of these made-to-order pendants are available for sale. Once the limit is reached this pendant will be retired.  

But I also have a few more cherry blossom items in other shapes and sizes that are available. A wonderful way to welcome spring!

What is your favorite way to welcome spring?



Wendy said...

your pendants are beautiful, did you make them using enamelling techniques?

Nadine @ Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache said...

These are just lovely! I love Cherry Blossoms too

Roxanne Mendoza said...

Love the cherry blossoms!

Stacie said...

Really incredible work, Erin...you captured the Cherry Blossoms so perfectly! I am so ready for Spring, and now I am off to check out more about that painting. The aesthetics are divine!

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Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Those pendants are absolutely gorgeous! They definitely embody Spring and make me hanker for warmer weather and bloomin' trees :)

Anonymous said...

Love these cherry blossom pieces, Erin. And that you have laid out a year long challenge with ABS. I'll look forward to seeing what you created each and every month.
Here in S. California, I look forward to the flowers in our beautiful parks!

Karen Williams said...

I'd not seen your birds before - they are such fun! What a beautiful breath of spring. And a great match for this month's challenge.

Dry Gulch said...

I love your birds! I have filled the bird blanks with paper, crystals and resin, but I love what you did with them. Beautiful!

steufel said...

Oh my, love all this! It is so good to finally visit all my fav blogs again. I have certain feeling that mymojo is coming back! Hope your childern are better soon, hubby is batteling the flu the whole week. We had to cancel our trip to Prague due to his illness. Happy weekend my friend!

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are gorgeous! Love the colors and cute phrases. I hope the kids are doing much better by now!!


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