13 September 2012

Displaying Motivation

“Intention is not something you do, but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy- a power that can carry us. It’s the difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation is when you get hold of an idea and don’t let go of it until you make it a reality. Inspiration is the reverse - when an idea gets hold of you and you feel compelled to let that impulse or energy carry you along. You get to a point where you realize that you’re no longer in charge, that there’s a driving force inside you that can’t be stopped. Look at the great athletes, musicians, artists, and writers. They all tap into a source.”
~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

When I get an idea in my head I have to follow it or it acts like a burrowing worm and bores holes in my brain until I burst! I am totally believing in this quote today. I am always floating in a sea of inspiration, and I always have good intentions. But when my mind latches onto something I have to follow it until I make it happen or at least until I can gather enough information to let my mind rest again. And boy, am I motivated right now!

I have been in the throes of getting ready for my one and only art show that is coming up in less than three weeks. Three weeks! Talk about motivation! It is earlier than normal this year and I think that as of Tuesday I hit a panic button. My brain is screaming "Not ready!" I have set a goal for myself to create 5 things a day - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants. I also have to keep in mind that I have custom orders pending and some jewelry that people are waiting on me. It is not for lack of ideas (I can't shut them off) nor is it a fault of not having enough raw materials (I actually have too much, if that is possible, and I can't stop myself from buying more!). I had the muffin tin system set up for the past year or so, each tin holding the beginnings of a project. But that is just collecting dust and getting in the way so I am constantly moving it around. I have this new system of organization that I am working on that includes a couple of these awesome rolling drawer carts
{Stanton storage cart from Home Decorators}

with each drawer containing multiple flocked jewelry display trays of varying sizes. I still have to put everything into the trays, but I have a lot that are empty. So I have at least one drawer that has my starters in each slot. So even if I just work through what is in those drawers, I will have plenty to show. And the bonus is that I can make muffins again. ;-)

It is a juggling act constantly, this push-me-pull-you of my designing vs. my available time, but even more so when I am struggling to prepare for something like this. And I still have mouths to feed and school meetings to attend and dance lessons to drive to and football games to see. I have to-do lists upon to-do lists. I rarely come up to see the light of day and usually I am in bed so very late that I miss my entire family. No balance. But that is what you do when you are building an empire from your basement. :-)

I know that this early show sets the pace for the holiday season for me and I create a lot for this that will go on to other venues so it is all good. I am always making jewelry and there is plenty of that to stock a booth with, and plenty more where that came from.

{Super fun, easy to use, works on any metal. Great possibilities!}

My daughter and I have been playing with the embossing folders and the new patinas from Vintaj and I have to say that I love them! (Although, I would love to see a few other colors, like bright red). I noticed yesterday that my work is being heavily influenced by my friend and mentor, Heather Powers and her awesome book Jewelry Designs from Nature. (Seriously, the book is one of my favorites. You will love it, too!) I think that there will be a forest, garden and sea theme happening. So how to tie it all together? I have not been all that jazzed about my booth design, it is just a table with some displays and black cloths. I wanted something fresh. So off to Pinterest I go!

Pinterest is my crack. There are days when I don't pin or even look at a pin, and then all of a sudden, there that little "Pin It" button will be staring at me and I can't help myself. I recently saw a funny joke that said that Pinterest is like Hoarders on the Internet. We pin things and keep repinning them until we  have buried ourselves in images. But do we ever do anything with them?

I have a Display Ideas pin board that I have been adding a lot to lately. And yesterday something finally clicked with me. So I ran around and scouted options for my display and I think that I am on the road to a new look for myself.

I am working with wood, upcycled furniture, office supplies, fabric, paint and ribbon... so far. I will go a bit deeper in my searches today. And if it all works out as planned then I will show you here what I did. ;-)

But here are some pins that I posted recently that are influencing my design choices...

{I want to make these out of MDF and paint. Now to find someone with a jigsaw...}

{Very cool idea for my simple truths pendants on chains in a book that says "Open me"... simple truths that tell YOUR story}

{I could put simple truths pendants on simple chains on these little wooden holders}

{For the prefinished simple truths or even earrings}

{I sure wish that I could draw... or knew someone who did. This is gorgeous! Wouldn't different poses and pictures look great in ornate frames?}

{I have a bunch of new rings I am designing and this is how I will display them...}

{Love the mini clothespins. Now to find a way to use that for my earring display cards...}

{This is the display that started all my scheming...}
Off to the thrift store... and the fabric store... and the hardware store... and the office supply store.

I sure hope that the vision in my mind and the way it works through my hands will be craftacular instead of a craftastrophe! And come in under budget and be completed faster than I ever thought possible... otherwise I will have a cool booth and nothing in it!

Your turn...

What is the coolest booth display that you have seen? What items have you repurposed into a display with a little paint, glue and imagination?


EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Good luck on your upcoming show - I know how much work there is for shows. I can't wait to see what you come up with for your booth display because I know it will be spectacular! I got the idea from one of my pinboards was using an old window to display our earrings and pedants. Mom plans on painting flowers on the panes but it hasn't happened yet. I also liked the idea of using a box spring to display jewelry. Mom has her old baby bed that we want to paint and use - possibly next year. There are just so many ideas - just need to get my cousin and uncle to help us - mom and I are not power tool users - I am lethal when it comes to power tools :)

Alice said...

First, here is a link to a display I pinned. http://pinterest.com/pin/38702878017306104/

I love all the displays you show here and have no doubt you will come up with something unique and 'just you'.

My brain never stops churning out ideas whether it's for a charity event, my Sunday School kids, family trips, or jewelry designs. The trouble starts when I try to implement, then it seems to get all fuzzy. Like you, I pin, save stuff in my favorites, etc, but hardly ever do I go back and use them.

I know you will have a fabulous show with fabulous pieces, there's no doubt about that! So just take a bit of time to chill with the family so they don't forget what you look like :)

Patti Van said...

I have actually pinned one or two of the same pins that you show here! I wish you the best of luck with your to-do list! I am sure your show will be a success!

SummersStudio said...

I love all these display ideas! Now you have made me want to go searching and searching and searching just for the pure delight of finding new things. BTW I have a jig saw but probably that won't help you :-(

lunedreams said...

oooh, those clipboards ARE cool!!! in that natural "kraft paper" color they are awesome! I would also think that maybe you could get a book from the library with "world's greatest portraits" or whatever--you know something that was painted eons ago and there's really no copyright (Rembrandt or Renoir or whoever)--and you could photocopy it (maybe even in B&W or sepia), enlarging/reducing until it was the right scale for earrings and do the same thing in your photos or even as a focal element in your booth. What a great idea! I guess you could even take a photo of someone you think would be a great model and use photoshop to turn it into a pencil sketch and use that the same way. Well now I'M getting ideas too!

Bobbie said...

That display using the clipboards? Yep, I pinned that one several months ago, too! You have to promise to take photos of the new and improved booth when you get it all together!

Tammie said...

I just did a blog post yesterday about re-working my show display in a thrifty way.I was also Pintetest shopping for ideas. I don't think shoppers realize how much work goes in to those 'effortless' displays. I say almost as much as the jewelry its self. Good Luck on your show.

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Good research, Erin! ALL are eye-catching, thus, customer-catching! You will be a knock-out at ARTS Night! I really took notice of that portrait with the earring and also Keirsten's added ideas. The earrings lined up in a container reminds me of the way someone lined up the earring packages in drawers from old treadle sewing machines, that looked different and was a workable theme. People seem to enjoy "paging" through them. See you soon!

EmandaJ said...

Don't forgetthe dolar store for office supplies! That last pin looks really cool. Good luck.

EmandaJ said...

Oy vay, I hate trying to type on my e-reader!

Anonymous said...

You sure have some great display options! Take lots of pictures of your booth so we can see where you go with all of this! BTW, Heather's book set me off! I was sketching and my brain was churning. I would wake up in the morning with an idea! Now for the time to implement them! Good luck with the show!

JenniferJangles said...

I have to say I am a big fan of spray paint. You can take all sorts of different things that don't necessarily go together, paint them all the same color and Voila, they coordinate.

I love what you have pinned here, can't wait to see what you go with be sure to take lots of pictures. Good luck getting it all done, you'll do great!

Elaine said...

I love doing shows! I'm always working on making my booth better... though that changes as my tastes change.

One thing that has worked for me has been a set of wooden boxes / crates. They're lovely to haul stuff in, to use as risers and shadow boxes in frames and so on.

I also made myself trees to go with nature theme. They're good to hand jewellery and ornaments and whatever else I feel like on.

After this season I'll buckle down and invest some cash in the fixtures I want for the rest of my booth.

Ashleigh Becker said...

Where is your show? I'm also in WI and always looking to check out cool shows! Hope it all goes well. :)

jeanniek said...

I don't get out much, so I have not see any cool displays. I love the drawing,that is so me. Love your cool display pictures Erin


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