24 April 2012

Where to Find Me

Here is where you can find me today:

I wrote about adding your signature to your jewelry over at Art Bead Scene. (And I am totally crushing on how good this macro shot came out. I only used a +10 filter for my lens! Incredible!)

Lorelei Eurto blogged about and gave away 5 of my new Motley Owls to some lucky ladies who will be creating with them for a mini blog hop on May 16th. You can get one of your own from my Etsy site if you want to play along as well!

And today is my day to post over at Earrings Everyday where I share a poem I wrote in ode to the "liquid courage" that starts my day!

Come on over and find me!

I will be silent a few days as we prepare for the annual Dance Education Center recital and special performance group this weekend. Plus I have 11 special necklaces that need to be etched in copper, stamped with messages, patinaed and finished for a special project for Miss Tori, as well as the fundraiser for the DEC National Honor Society for Dance Arts Scholarships (we are the only dance studio in the state of Wiscsonsin with a chapter of this prestigious National Honor Society) as well as cranking out the custom orders (thank you for your patience!) for Motley Owls and Story Beads and Message Sticks and all sorts of special 'simple truths' for my faithful Etsy followers. But I surely have room for more!

And just a heads up that I am working on the next quarterly challenge. I will reveal all about it next week with sign ups in case you would like to join me on the journey!

What is keeping you busy this week?


EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

You are busy as usual woman :) I hope you have fun this week! Mom and I are finishing the prep for this weekends show and that is about it.
Have a great week!

Patti Van said...

I read all of your posts today...you are so busy! I guess it is that caffeine fix that keeps you going! I especially loved your post regarding your branding. You are such a wealth of creative information! Thank you for sharing!

LiliKrist said...

I like your writting about adding signature to jewelry =)

Lori @ Studio Waterstone said...

Love the photography and the owls!!! Have a great "rest of the week"

Anonymous said...

that is cool

Riki Schumacher said...

Soooo busy, and wonderful. I'm guessing you will have a blast with the kids! Congrats on your success Erin, I love seeing that. xoxo Riki

jenna said...

You're everywhere, Erin! I actually popped over here from a giveaway that I found on EtsyStalker (here: http://etsystalker.com/april-shadowbox-gallery-2012/tesori-trovati-jewelry/) that I haven't seen you mention anywhere else, so I wanted to make sure it was legit.

Your little key is just perfect to go with your name and style. I've been tinkering with ideas for how to sign my pieces. I'll blog about it soon.


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