28 November 2011

Cyber Sales, Computers and Ornaments...Oh My!

This week I was blessed with the return of my computer. Yeah for Computer Magic!  Like a new-born babe, all clean and shiny with no memory to speak of and history yet to be written. So I am attempting to get this baby back up to speed by teaching her all the old tricks. Frustrating to say the least. House training a new puppy might be more fun!
The Virtual Craft Show over on Lori Anderson's Pretty Things Blog is in full swing. 70 artists. 70 giveaways. 7 days. And most of them have special discounts in their shops. Mine was up on Sunday. Comment (on Lori's blog, not mine!) every day for a chances to win these fabulous arrays of prizes and goodies, perfect for gifting to others (or hoarding for yourself!;-).

For my own gift, I will enroll one lucky commenter (on Lori's blog, not mine!) in the Simple Truths Sampler club for 3 months. That is a $54 value people! Includes shipping! Limited edition pendants NEVER sold to anyone else! International friends welcome as well! Just hop on over to Lori's blog and comment everyday for a chance to win. Oh, yeah, and as if that weren't super-duper special enough, I also have a special discount code good on anything in my Etsy shop - yes, even the custom made-to-order pieces (sorry, not available on the sampler club - that is already a great deal!). But the discount vanishes when 2011 does, so stop on over and stock up! New designs being uploaded right now!

On Wednesday I hope you come back to check out what me and 54 of my friends from around the world have been working on in the 2nd Annual Challenge of Color blog hop. I am really excited to see the palettes that everyone has and how that inspired them. I have already heard from some participants that this challenge has literally changed their life. Heady stuff! For my part, since it is my challenge, I threw down my own gauntlet and stated out loud (or as out loud as you can be on a blog ;-) that I would be making something for each of the 12 color families. I have been working on that, (okay, not this past weekend where I made the mistake of going shopping on Black Friday, despite all my better instincts!) and I think that I have at least 4 more to go. Check back on Wednesday to see if I can make it.

We decorated our front porch and put up the tree this weekend. But there is still so much to do. My son Rocket went upstairs to pop some corn and came back holding the handle to the microwave in his hand. "It just fell off in my hand!" he declared. Of course it wasn't a clean break, the screws are still in the door (I suspect there was some hanging on the door to make this happen). And tonight as I tried to carefully access the microwave door, I knocked off the plastic doodad vent cover at the top so now that is a pretty sight. I guess a new microwave range hood is in my immediate future. Maybe there is a sale.... Happy Christmas to me!

And last but not least, I was talking to my art peeps at the Gallery Q where I sell my work and I noted that with all the gifty items that are stuffing the gallery, there was not one Christmas ornament. Of course they encouraged me to make some. I realized that my 'simple truths' settings would look just as pretty on your tree as on your neck, so I came up with several designs. (That is why I don't have my challenge done, darn it!) I talked a store owner into selling me her really cool rustic metal bare branches tree to display them on and carted them to the Gallery today when I worked my shift. I entered them all in the computer. No sooner had I done that then three sold! (Here they are, Miss Kristen, as you wish! ;-)

{Stamped images courtesy of Michelle Ward. The Holiday Botanicals: mistletoe, pin, holly and poinsettia. The bezel setting is larger than my usual pendants at 1 1/2" square. Available in either silver or just a slightly smaller antique gold color. What do you think? With or without the embellishments?}

{The Snow Series. You will recognize my 'let it snow' snowman. Perfect as a little ornament with a cute snowflake ribbon, and then after Christmas just slide it on your favorite chain! I am still taking custom orders for these with more sold each week! I also made some new snowflake designs I like very much with a subtle wash of color. The messages on the back varied, but I like the two above. And lastly a little glitz for your tree... Blingcicles! Sparkly octagon crystals dangle from an icicle of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and other beads.}

{Stamped images courtesy of Michelle Ward. The Nutcrackers. I have very fond memories of the Nutcracker. Particularly the music. I have only seen the ballet a handful of times but it always leaves me feeling so nostalgic.I have these larger rectangle bezel settings in 1x2", just the right size to put a little message. Some of these have a loop at the bottom so I wired a cluster of holly leaves and berries on each one. Or they could be left without any embellishment... or adding the embellishment as an add-on? What do you think?}
So I think I have a possible new custom made-to-order to add to my shop - ornaments! Tell me what you think about these and if I should add them to the shop with embellishments (like holly beads and little pine cones and ribbon) or if they should just be sold plain so that you can do with them what you wish? Or maybe they are sold plain, but the added embellishments would be a little extra? I would love your feedback!

P.S. Oh, yeah! Sorry... one last thing... I will be the featured artist in the Art Bead Scene Studio Saturday this week (with a giveaway for the holiday season!) and I will be hosting the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge blog hop showcasing all the talented folks who inspire me daily. Be sure to stop by Art Bead Scene for some inspiration.


Marcie Abney said...

I LOVE the nutcracker ornaments! I think you should list them with all their embellishments, but put in the notes to seller that you can lower the price and ship them just the nutcracker if they'd like. (I realize you have other ornaments, but I kinda glossed over those when I saw you had nutcrackers!)

Cabby Crafter said...

These are so pretty! I love the botanicals - the splash of color is awesome!

In the Light of the Moon said...

My Goodness Girl you have a lot going on!! Love the front porch,sorry about the microwave handle and I love love love your sweet Christmas Ornies!! Big Hugs,Cat

cw said...

First of all, your porch looks so inviting and festive, well done!
I think you should add the embellishments because many people don't know how to do that, or simply don't want something else to do this busy time of year.
Lastly, the nutcrackers are over the top, they are fantastic! 'love your work. Happy Holidays!

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Your house and the ornaments are beautiful!

Definitely add the ornaments to your shop! I would suggest offering some plain and some with embellishments. This will supply artists looking to create with them and shoppers looking for a gift or ornament for their tree.

Alice said...

Yay, I'm so glad your computer is up and running! Sorry about all the memory being wiped out though.

Your front porch looks lovely! I'll bet the lookey-loos all drive by your house after dark to see it all sparkling and festive. We haven't done any decorating yet.....

I love the ornaments you made for Gallery Q, and I'm not surprised that you sold three already. They're beautiful. And the holly berries look so sweet, as do all the embellishments. Very festive!

I can't wait for the Color Challenge Blog Hop. I've already got my post ready to go. I'm so excited to see what you and the other participants create.

And I'm looking forward to your post at the ABS this Saturday. My, I think you are either a glutton for punishment, or a miracle worker with so much going on.

Enjoy your week!

EmandaJ said...

Hi Erin, LOVE the ornaments all decked out with beads and ribbons. I really think your should have ornaments in your shop too.

My, you have been so busy! I am so looking forward to the reveal for our color challenge --hehe!


JeannieK said...

I think most of us have a love-hate relationship with our computer.

Looking forward to the Challenge of Color reveal tomorrow.

Oh my, my, I LOVE your decked out porch.

The ornaments are delightful. Those will sell like gangbusters, with or without the embellishments. Just give the buyer the choice.

I'll be back tomorrow!

MaryL said...

Absolutely wonderful!! Each one looks perfectly gorgeous and I wouldn't change a thing! The crystals are especially nice and can be displayed year round as a sun catcher... I'm starting to check out everyone's entries for the challenge and so far so Beautiful!!!

Shirley said...

I oohed and aahed when I saw your front porch! It looks so pretty. Then I was snorting over your story on the microwave, since I've had some similar situations happen here lately!
The ornaments are just lovely! I have a metal bare branches tree that I got last year at a craft fair. I just love it. I've got a few things to finish on my color palette piece (and I only had one!) and then to take pics and write blog...I'd better get hopping! :)


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