27 October 2011

Take Time

"Most people would rather be certain they're miserable,
than risk being happy."
~Robert Anthony


I have this little magnet that I bought years ago that is called The Daily Guide to Happiness. I have seen many versions of this poem and more seem to be written to it all time. I don't remember to look at it every day, but when it is all of a sudden unearthed from my refrigerator, it reminds me that I do indeed have all that I need to be happy. But if I have an awareness of that happiness, then I have a responsibility to share happiness with others.

It is easy to complain, to sag your shoulders and adopt a woe-is-me attitude. It is not easy to pick yourself up in the face of whatever adversities are yours to bear and smile through the tears. I am not always the most cheery person on this planet. I am a bear in the mornings and when things don't go the way I expect them to go I can be downright gloomy. And don't even get me started if I misplace something (happens very frequently) as I am a like the Tasmanian devil (just ask my family). So little reminders like this magnet that I have held onto for years serve me well to realign myself and plant my feet squarely moving forward instead of being rooted to a sinking quagmire.

I thought that those messages were ones I needed to carry around so I decided to make them into a series that I call 'take time' in my Simple Truths style. I have this great new bezel that is a long thin rectangle. Perfect for telling fortunes or carrying a mantra or word that is near to your heart. I modified the original poem slightly and added a few new ones for my own twist, but overall there are some messages here that I need to wear and be reminded of every day.

{available for sale on Etsy - custom orders welcome}

Here  is my modified 'take time' mantra....
Take time to care...it makes strangers friends.
Take time to read...it's the fountain of wisdom.
Take time to create...it's your gift to give.
Take time to think...it's the source of power.
Take time to work...it's the price of success.
Take time to laugh...it's music of the soul.
Take time to play...it's the secret to youth.
Take time to give...it brings joy to others.
Take time to love...it will lift you higher.
Take time to pray...it's the start of miracles.

Your turn...
Your happiness is not divided when you share your positivity with the world, it multiplies and is reflected back to you tenfold.
What are you taking time for today?


mairedodd said...

love these, erin - wonderful concept and terrific design! and the photo in spectrum order grabbed me right away!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

These new pendants are wonderful! I love the shape of them.

I am taking time to "create" today. I just made my first resin papers and hope to incorporate them into some new jewelry pieces.

Alice said...

I just love these messages!!! The rainbow of colors is lovely.

Wellllll, today I need to do paperwork (which tends to make me grouchy because its boring, but much needed), and hopefully make some jewelry for my upcoming show.

Patty said...

Beautifully conceived and executed, Erin! I love the gradation in color, and the messages are great.

Today I am taking time to develop new, healthy habits. Like exercise, and putting things away after I'm done with them. Just another month or two of this and with luck they'll actually *be* habits that I don't have to think about.

Christine Altmiller said...

these are so beautiful. i really like the bezels they are in and the sentiment that rests in them.
i am taking time to catch up with blogs and a wee bit of time to bake some granola bars. mmm makes the house smell nice, and gives the girls a quick healthy hearty snack after school before they are off to the next event of the day.

Penny said...

Beautiful addition to your simple truths pendants. I try to always be a pay it forward kind of person and never expect anything in return for doing a good deed. Because giving, sharing, being kind and loving I do believe comes back to you tenfold. Have a wonderful day Miss Erin!!!

Rebecca said...

*love* Erin. The way you have displayed them here, they look just so appealing. Is there anything to compare with a rainbow spectrum?

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

I love the shape, size and messages! You are so talented Erin! Every day this week, I have been taking some extra time to snuggle with my dog Twila. We were on vacation (Hawaii) for over a week and missed her terribly. She is a rescue and I make sure that she now knows nothing but love and happiness each day!

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Oh, Erin, you are so incredibly inspiring! You are so right, there are so many things that if we took more time to do our lives would be so much richer! I'm going to have to share this blog post on my FB business page, you are wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!! And one of those pendants is going on my Christmas I Wish list... LOL

sharon said...

These are beautiful and unique and I adore the colors, and the sentiments!
Thank you for your visit Erin. I am struggling thru tough times, and I am doing my best to be happy, and the fact that you have taken time to coment when I don't always do so has made me smile and made my day a bit brighter.

peacockfairy said...

I love that first quote you started with - I may borrow that. Seems I know so many people lately that choose to be miserable. And I agree with the others - the color spectrum really draws a person to your picture! I can see all of those strung on a necklace for a bold statement piece!

SueBeads said...

They are beautiful Erin, with a beautiful sentiment from a beautiful soul! I love them! These past few weeks have been very trying for me and I'm glad to be reminded there is a reason!

Ruby Clover said...

love these, they're so cute!

SummersStudio said...

Oh, thank you, Erin. You've given us a rainbow of thought. I'm quite touched by these. This may sound quite silly but I took the time to sit in the sun with my eyes closed feeling the warmth on my face. When I opened my eyes there was a large dragonfly dancing and whirling there just for my pleasure. So I took more time to watch her dance in the light and walked away feeling nourished.

rosebud101 said...

I take time for quiet because it brings healing and hope.

Cristina Norcross said...

Erin! Oh my gosh! I LOVE these new pendants. I feel the inspiration to place an order ... I am ever so slightly addicted to your jewelry. I love the spirit behind all of these messages. Thank you for sharing your many gifts with the world!

Here's one:
"Share your Light, you were meant to spread the glow of inspiration."
~Cristina Norcross

Cristina Norcross said...

I loved that first quote you shared:
"Most people would rather be certain they're miserable,
than risk being happy."

I may have to share this with my facebook friends. Such a good reminder to focus on living in the moment and embrace happiness!

Erin S said...

LOVE this new shape, Erin! And the phrases are cool too. Except the "work" one. ;-)

Beadwright said...

These are simply wonderful. Today I am answering emails.

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

These are beautiful, Erin! I love the colors and the sentiments!

Off the Beadin' Path said...

These are reminders we all need, especially when we feel overwhelmed with our "to do" lists! They're just beautiful and so well done, the usual "Erin M.O."! It's a shame to break them up, but they need to be scattered into the lives of others! I took time for a nap today! I also take time every night to stretch. Thank you for being you and giving out this valuable post!

kfc said...

Thanks for a great conversation about your vision, and brainstorming what we can do with Q Artist's blog. Your energy is inspiring.


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