02 May 2011

I'm A Bead Star

"In the cherry blossom's shade
there's no such thing
as a stranger."

— Kobayashi Issa

At the last possible second, of the 11th hour, I finally made up my mind to enter the Bead Star competition again. But this time instead of entering all the categories I only had time for one.

But I sent in one of my personal favorites from the gallery exhibit last year (and I was so thrilled when this one didn't sell!) called "Tin Blossom."

It is more simple than a lot of my designs, something that I need to remember before I complicate things too much. Plus it reminds me of cheery cherry blossoms. And that calls to mind that the plight of the Japanese people in what should be a time of blooming, is far from over.

"Tin Blossom" features layered blossoms built from enameled flowers from C-Koop beads, recycled bottle cap flowers from Glass Garden Beads and czech glass beads twisted with green Parawire onto a pewter branch. I just love the bottle cap beads from Cathy Collison (and she is as sweet as she is inventive!). They are magnificent, so chic and so eco-friendly! The horizontal construction on this design makes it very different and intriguing. Plus it goes with everything that I own.

If you feel inclined to vote (through May 17th), head on over to the Beading Daily website. Mine is the second one listed in the Metals category. I don't really care for this new rule, but you will have to register and log into the site to vote for any of the categories. However, this year you can vote for as many in each category as you like, and I do like that change. Because some of my friends have selections in there and I am so glad to support them.

I don't have any illusions that I will win or even place in this category (as in the last two years), but I do feel honored to have been selected for the top 20. That is my reward.

What is the most interesting component you have used that was made from recycled materials?
What recycled or upcycled component would you like to try?
Do tell!


Anonymous said...

That piece is beautiful! I will go righter over to Beading Daily to vote.

My most interesting component made from recycled material was for a bracelet I made for the Trash to Treasure contest. In my 8 strand Kumihimo bracelet has 4 strands that are strips of blue plastic grocery bags! If I knew how to work with glass I would make beads of recycled wine bottles!

JeannieK said...

I don't know how interesting it is, but I upcycled a wine cork into a pendant. It was featured in the February issue of Bead Trends.

You know I voted for you even before I knew it was yours. I feel the same about having no illusions about winning. I can't believe how many people take this so seriously.

I was a bit dishearten by the Bead Daily Bead Star thread.

cindy said...

Erin, yet again you have created another stunning design for Bead Star. I love how you layered the enameled flowers.

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Congrats on the top 20 Erin. I really love the color pop in this piece! You've got my vote and I tweeted it out to my artisan friends too! Good luck!

steufel said...


Alice said...

What a gorgeous piece! It's now wonder it was accepeted as a finalist!

My most unusual component (I haven't used it yet) is a pendant cut from broken Fiestaware plate. Bright orange!

Raida said...

Love your piece! I love the layers of flowers and the colors, you have my vote.

Pretty Things said...

Very pretty, and best wishes! I never enter these sorts of competitions -- getting votes makes me so nervous! But I happily click the button for people!

Janet said...

Erin what a delicately beautiful peice!
You always bring it Woman! xx


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