31 December 2010

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Soon the new year starts, so now's a great time to:

1. Wipe the slate clean.
2. Focus upon what you really want.
3. Chart your course.


Well... only if you want to risk having to repeat these steps for the same wishes next year! Maybe this is splitting hairs, but here's an adventurous alternative:

1. Give thanks that life is... just as it is (and that it's been... just as it's been). Because of it, you're now "READY."

2. Define what you want in terms of the end result. Don't worry about the hows, or even the course. KNOW that what you want is ALREADY yours in spirit, by divine LAW, just focus on the certainty of this ownership, understand it, claim it, and "it will be on earth, as it is in heaven (spirit)."

3. LET THE UNIVERSE show you the way via your impulses and instincts that appear as you take inspired action. Don't worry that your first steps seem silly or futile. And if you don't know what to do, do anything! Go! Get busy! Do not insist on intermediary successes, only upon the end result. 2011 is going to be your year (it already is),

The Universe

{giclee print from Nicole and Jimmy Chung, LoveSugar on Etsy
...such a cute shop! Check them out!}
Your turn...

What thanks are you giving at the close of this year and the start of the new?

What is the end result that you are defining for yourself? Write it down. Post it on the fridge or your bathroom mirror. Seeing it every day will help you achieve it.

Are you open to letting the Universe show you the way? Don't forget that you can be shown the way, but you still have to do the work to get there. It will be hard. There will be failures (when you fail, FAIL BIG!). But there will also be spectacular successes.

I have hopes that 2011 is going to be my year. (11 is my lucky number). What hopes do you have?

Do tell!
Enjoy the day!


rosebud101 said...

I'm honestly thankful that this year is over. I do look forward to 2011 with a great deal of hope. I plan to grow in my art in many ways. Details, details and more details! That seems to be the key!

Pretty Things said...

After reading "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand, I'm REALLY thankful for what I have.

I still find myself with a lot of self-doubt, but I bought a print that I featured in a blog post I wrote and framed it and hung it at the entry to my bedroom to help me focus on me, and not compare myself to anyone else.

My biggest hope is this is the year my son blossoms and finds his place, that life becomes easier for him. If that happens, I really can't ask for anything else.

Cheeseboy said...

I hope to make 2011 more balanced and to make more time to enjoy it.. 2010 seems like a blur.

lunedreams said...

If only I knew what I really wanted...

Kristen said...

I am thankful for you this year! As for 2011 well....it is already set a challenge in front of me and I am facing it head on!

Hugs and Happy New Year!

mairedodd said...

perfect - it has been a wonderful year in so many ways... thank you for always sharing yourself so openly... and congrats to you and tiny dancer!

stregata said...

Still thinking about this one.
Congrats to you and Tiny Dancer - you are quite a team!
Wishing you and your family a most wonderful New Year, all the best!

JeannieK said...

Like I always say, "when you fail, go back to work."
I'm glad 2010 is over, it was a hard one for me...and 2009 and 2008. I'm very optimistic 2011.
I'm always open to the Universe, but I need to slow down, I'm dizzy.

Erin said...

Well, if 11 is your lucky number than it's a sure bet that this IS your year, Erin!... 10 happens to be my personal number and 2010 was an amazing year!!! :)


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