26 August 2010

30 Words::Locks of Love & First Day

{It has been such a long time since I did the 30 Words that I thought I would give you two for the price of one today! Enjoy!}

{Can I keep at least one little lock of hair?}

You begged since spring.
I balked.
Perseverance won out.
Your first real haircut in 9 1/2 years.
Eight inches is enough to donate.
So grown up and making a difference.

{If I were a better mommy, I would have thought to take a before picture!}

* * * * * * * * *

New sneakers, shiny shoes.
Stylin' new clothes on a bright sunshiny day.
You are excited to go back, learn something new.
7th grade?
4th grade?
Where did the time go...

Enjoy the day!


MosaicMagpie said...

Haircut is precious. Yes, the time does fly!

Barbara Bechtel said...

What a brave and selfless thing for her to do! You must be very proud!

SummersStudio said...

They are gorgeous children. Love the new hair cut!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Awww Erin, how precious your little ones are. Love your daughter's haircut. And such a good cause, it's so admirable of her. Hard to believe how fast they grow up, isn't it?

Keep doing what you've been doing dear, it's obvious you're doing all of the right things!


Lance said...

Great, great pictures of your kids!! And - what an awesome thing for your daughter to do! A gift of love for sure...

And...I know!! Where DID the time go!! Sending good vibes for an amazing school year for two very special people in your life!!!

Kristen said...

I am so proud of her!!!!! Wow what a great mom you must be to have such great kids! 7th and 4th how about 12th and preK? The time goes fast but each stage is a treasure!

You so enjoy your day!


Alice said...

A day to be proud, and maybe bittersweet--they grow so fast!!!!

Silver Parrot said...

Tiny Dancer is rockin' the new 'do!

Judy said...

You proud Mama you, time goes by too quickly! Just brought our son back to college for his second year,yikes!

Kristen said...

What a beautiful thing to do! :) Her hair looks adorable! :)

Melissa J. Lee said...

What a great post - thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Great digs and doos! I miss those days when the summer ended and back to school meant a schedule, routine and less time with my two lovely daughters. NOT!!!-
I was a teacher so that meant no time for me and life went so fast I wanted off the ride sometimes!! There are so many things I loved about being a mother and yet having done my job to the best of my ability there is something even better about my daughters being grown up and really appreciating me as more than a mother. They do grow so fast. But then they are more than just your children. Age no longer matters and the fact that you are their mother is just a bonus to the wonderful new relationship you can have.

Jeannie said...

They both got it goin on!

Gee, I miss school shopping. This brings back memories.

Jannie Funster said...

Hey, my Kelly is going into 4th also, but she is actually the age of a 3rd grader.

There are few words adequate enough to describe how completely utterly amazingly AWESOME she is to donate her hair. She's obviously her mom's daughter, through and through.


Riki Schumacher said...

Awww, so cute. And so grown up. Good for your daughter, to care enough to make a difference. I have total respect for her. The kids look so spiffy! xoxo Riki

Jenners said...

Awww...what a wonderful thing your daughter did. She looks amazing!! : )

Off the Beadin' Path said...

Just peeking in to say your blog looks great with the new background! Several of my piano students also grew their hair for Locks of Love, it's a win-win occasion. Tiny Dancer looks so grown up. I remember a comment by my daughter after she became a big-time 4th grader and was telling me something about "some of the little 3rd graders" in the most condescending tone of voice, so funny how perception changes quickly! Have a nice weekend! We're off to "up north" for fun and work.


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