01 October 2009

30 Words::Clean Enough

{Photo credit: Jemma Castle}

used tissues,
unsharpened pencils,
unread newspapers,
unseasonable flip-flops.
Depositing into trash,
within drawers,
near recycling,
under beds.
Blow dust-bunnies
to another locale.
Meeting realtor today.
Never clean enough.

Enjoy the day!


Sherry said...

LOVE this one Erin!!! Quite a visual you have created!

Sharon said...

Yes, I love blowing dust bunnies to another locale, preferably under the nearest throw rug. No one will ever know...:)

mairedodd said...

stop the bus -
i was at my local food pantry with the very wise woman who runs it (& does more than i thought any one human being could do in 24 hrs)... she was going through her drawer looking for a working pen, when she turned to me and said, 'anyone who has neat drawers and an organized, immaculate home has nothing important to do with their life.' she was right - life is for living... neat is ok... and so are some germs (how else do you develop an immune system?) ... your kids will remember all of the games you were at, the pictures you took, the time you sat with your daughter in your space... that is what matters... but i would like to know why i get crazed when people are coming over... that's my own stuff...

rosebud101 said...

Your words are visually inspiring!

Lance said...

Hi Erin,
Lived in and loved in...that's clean enough... I'm pretty positive you've got both of those going on there, my friend...

Cindy said...

You sure paint a picture with your words, Erin! And I love Maire's comment that life is for living (who has time for a super neat house??).

Melissa J. Lee said...

If I never had visitors, I think my family would eventually be buried under mountains of stuff. (Nice, interesting, well-loved stuff, of course.)

Unknown said...

LOL! I've been in a cleaning, organizing mood lately too!


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