20 March 2014

30 Words :: Emerging Artist

The intricate dance of 
pen on paper
creating a
patchwork quilt landscape
hills and valleys
twisting, turning, intersecting, dissecting
latitudes and longitudes
drawn by 
my very own

And here is my favorite artist at the Riverfront Arts Center with her Zentangle that was selected for the annual Emerging Artist show.

Frame-worthy art for sure!

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  1. This is very beautiful! I love her work! My sister and I drew and drew and drew. Eventually she ended up using a lot of pastels in her art, but I have always loved pen and ink and the intricate wonder of blank and white and how they look together!

    xox jean

    please congratulate her for me!

  2. Great talent! I know where she gets it from ;)

  3. Your daughter looks so proud standing before her art work. And the words you used to describe her work are truly amazing.

  4. She not only looks like you, she also has your talent. Congratulations to your tiny dancer on being selected for the annual Emerging Artist show. I love her works of art.
    And yes that photo is certainly frame worthy. How proud you must be!

  5. Very cool! I love the spider webs in this.

  6. Such a beautiful piece. I love zentangle and I'd say she did a beautiful job. How wonderful to have a young artist in your house.

  7. Erin, your daughter is so cute! Her artwork is beautiful. Congrats to her for the honor. She is talented just like her mama!

  8. How proud you must be! Congratulations to your daughter! Her artwork is lovely!

  9. So many children have such amazing patience and attention to detail, even though people talk all the time now about their 'short attention spans'. Clearly this is wrong about so many kids. Long may your daughter continue to enjoy her art!

  10. Awwww, this is priceless for so many reasons! Yeah for helping her explore her inner creativity! I love seeing budding artists emerge! {Hugs!}


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