14 July 2010

Countdown... Inspired by Shape & Movement

"...black is the queen of colors." ~ Auguste Rodin

Of all the colors in the crayon box, my favorite was always black.

I loved the color names, but black is the one crayon in every kids box that was always a nub come October.

Black goes with everything.

I own more black shoes, pants, skirts, dresses and shirts than all my other clothes combined.

So when I saw this monoprint by artist Roberta Honl I knew that I had to use it in my show.
Roberta is a local art teacher, and her daughter is a talented artist as well {in fact, her daughter is also one of my artists...more on her later}. This monoprint is one of a triptych of three that are different sizes. Placed together they are quite striking.

There is shape and movement in these pieces. In fact, when you walk up to them you would swear they are 3D, like those Magic Eye books of the past. As if you stared hard enough at them the colors would morph and a new shape would appear.

In thinking about bead artists that would complement this piece, I didn't have to look hard. Nancy Schindler of Round Rabbit makes some extraordinary ceramic components. Her pieces can be lush and baroque, fun and whimsical, or downright modern and clean lined. Nancy made me some links to complement the shapes shifting throughout the monoprint.

But I knew I needed more. And so I asked the delightful Julianna Cannon of Julsbeads to be inspired. And inspired she was. So much so that I am overwhelmed by the glass that she worked for me in the oppressive heat of her Alabama studio.

Here is what Juls had to say...

What inspires you?
A song, a sunset, a person, a dream~ all of the random things that touch my soul on any given day. Regardless of the medium, my style is impressionism. I create what I feel.

What was your inspiration for this particular piece?

Balanced duality: The random intention in the dimensional layers of color, both organic and elegant, is equally inviting and inciting.

Shape Shifter lariat style necklace
featuring Round Rabbit connector and JulsBead glass masterpiece

I had to stop myself from licking these beads ;-) {you wouldn't blame me if I did, right?}

I think that they both hit this one out of the park. What do you think?

Enjoy the day!

P.S. I just placed an order for postcard versions of all of these teasers. My artist friend Ann Singsaas says that they will become collectors editions!


one-eared pig said...

Gorgeous! And I often lick beads - it is how I claim them!

lunedreams said...

WOW!! You did magical things with red and black--I love both colors but have a hard time using them together. Those beads and connectors are all extraordinary! Wish there were more views of your finished lariat piece--love the spareness of it, it makes the most of the components.

mairedodd said...

out of the park? into the stratosphere! erin, you certainly know your resources - you picked the absolute perfect people for this piece - nancy's and jul's work look like they were made for it - ok, they were made for it, but you know what i mean... your interpretation and incorporation of all components is wonderful - for someone who has been busy on the homefront and doubts her abilities, you shine... deep inside you know you are completely up to this exhibit - believe it...

Susan Marling said...

Those are spectacular! Hit out of the park is an understatement.

Silver Parrot said...

Those organic rings with Julianna's beads are to die for! Your exhibit is going to be one hell of a success!

Unknown said...

Oh Erin
You nailed this!!!!! I am in love!!!! You paired the right artists and bead makers and then applied your talent and made gold!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love,love,love what you have made to go with my mono print. he beads are perfect, can't wait to see it all put together and displayed in the gallery.

Courtney Breul said...

Home run! Absolutely beautiful! They are perfect.

Juli Cannon said...

Erin, you continue to stun me. That isn't a home run. It's a grand slam...and YOU are holding the bat.

I don't have words.

Sheila said...

Really very beautiful and classy. I adore black and white; a nice change from what we usually see. Just lovely. Have a great evening. Regards, Sheila

Sheila said...

I meant what we usually see from a lot of jewelry designers, including myself. I usually stick with the same colors, but this is a beautiful departure from the usual across the board. Just thought I should clarify that comment :-)

Anonymous said...

absolutely perfect!

Davinia said...

Sigh!!!!! Just gorgeous.

stregata said...

You have a real gift for bringing the right people "together"! Terrific!
And - uber fantastic idea - postcards with the teaser photos! A stroke of genius!

Mary Harding said...

Gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous.

Stories They Tell said...

Those Julsbeads are really spectacular and you really did them proud! I love them with the connector-- all together, they are really a symphony of design and color! Great job -- I would say you are "in the groove". You go girl!

Beverly Herman said...

Wow I've never licked a bead but I have wanted to sleep with them. (was that bad?) Love the pieces you have created. They definitely hit the mark!

sandi m said...

These are spectacular.
Ditto on the closet - what better background for wearing jewelry than the various shades of black?
And don't get me started on red - I think I own every color of Chanel red/blue lipstick.
Great idea about the cards.
My dear, you're well on your way to Gallery greatness!

barbe said...

LOVE this!! First, when I opened the post I thought that print was fabric, and I said "I MUST HAVE THAT FABRIC" LOL, Absolutely GORGEOUS piece of art and so easily an inspiration!

Your creative soul never fails to amaze me. You took the literal aspects of the print such as the colors, but combined them in a way that is completely and utterly your own. A classic example of being inspired and using that inspiration to create a piece of art with your own voice.

The cards are a great idea too! People will love them and hopefully use them to get inspiration too.

sasha + max studio said...

Ha! Lick the beads ! Haven't heard that one but now that you've said it... hmmm.....
Erin these pieces are exceptional - your design vision is so well done. Fabulous work.
I love and wear a lot of black too.. Vicki

Jenners said...

This one is just perfectly done! Bravo!

Shai Williams said...

I just wish that I was close enough to attend. I want to see all the pretties and maybe fondle when no one is looking

Barbara Lewis said...

Erin, your jewelry is beautiful! I wish I could attend your opening ... to feel the buzz of the excitement! Beautiful work by your artists made into masterpieces by you!

Jannie Funster said...

Why stop at licking the beads when you can just EAT them?? :)

Ahh, the black crayon. The movement of those pretty curvy Round Rabbits. The startling JulsBead globular delicacies.

WAY out of the park on this one, Erin! Gorgeous!!!

And it's high time you were my "Friend Of The Day." So let me go make the coffee and see what kind of a sidebar link button will hopefully be worthy of your talent and sheer beading bravado.



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